100 Reproducible Activities The 100+ Series – French: Elementary

This book is a practical resource filled with fun learning activities. Use the activities to teach your students about colors, food, the city, animals, weather, clothing, and other everyday topics. Begin with letters of the alphabet and numbers, then progress through functional vocabulary. Activity pages present vocabulary in well-defined categories, and accompanying illustrations assure that your students will learn French in meaningful context.

1090l 8. 40w 035h. A top-selling teacher resource line, the 100+ seriestm features over 100 reproducible activities in each book!Help your students get a jump start on learning French! With more than 100 reproducible activity pages from which to chooses, guide your class through the basics of the French language.

It is an absolute must for the beginning French classroom.

French I, Grades K - 5 Skill Builders

Width - 9. 00 The compact 6" x 9" size makes this book perfect for school, at home, or on the go. Skill builders are great tools for keeping children current during the school year or preparing them for the next grade level. Grades - prek, 2, 1, 4, k, 3, 5. Weight - 025. It features 80 perforated, reproducible pages and an answer key.

This full-color workbook contains appropriate passages and exercises for elementary French language learners. Skill builders combines entertaining and interactive activities with eye-catching graphics to make learning and reviewing fun and effective. A variety of fun and challenging activities provides students with practice and helps introduce basic skills to new learners.

Depth - 6. 00 .

French, Grades 6 - 12: Middle / High School The 100+ Series™

Depth - 6. 00 The activities provided offer fun and varied exercises to practice concepts and vocabulary. 651468087937. Students learn to tell time, conjugate verbs, pose and answer questions, formulate sentences, and make comparisons--all while learning about French-speaking culture. Grades - prek, 4, 2, 3, 1, k, 5.

Weight - 025. Width - 9. 00 Over 100 pages of reproducible activities get your students started on the path to speaking and writing French. A top-selling teacher resource line, basic grammar, the 100+ seriestm features over 100 reproducible activities in each book!Help your student form a solid understanding of the French language! Building on the basics, conjugation of verbs, functional vocabulary, this book covers common phrases, and sentence structure.


The Everything Kids' Learning French Book: Fun exercises to help you learn francais

Width - 9. 00 Inside, fun facts, you'll find simple exercises, tips on pronunciation, and popular phrases that enable you to read and speak French in no time at all. You'll learn how to:address your family "ma famille" and pets "mes animaux familiers"describe holidays and birthdays "fêtes et anniversaires"ask "What time is it?" "Quelle heure est-il?"Tell your friends, 4, 1, and fun! Grades - prek, fast, "Let's go outdoors" "On va dehors"Express your feelings "Exprimer mes sentiments"Talk about school "Mon école" and your classes "Mes cours"Dozens of puzzles and activities--plus an English-French Dictionary--make learning this exciting new language easy, 3, k, 2, 5.

Weight - 025. Depth - 6. 00 . Adams Media Corporation. 651468087937. Fun exercises to help you learn français!bonjour, mon ami! So, you want to learn French but don't know where to start? Start ici, with The Everything Kids' Learning French Book.

Color & Learn Easy French Phrases for Kids Dover Little Activity Books

Kids can color along as they master practical words and phrases in French. More than 60 pages of fun, colors, kid-friendly illustrations accompany English translations of French words and pronunciations for such basics as numbers, and the days of the week. Adams Media Corporation. Depth - 6. 00 Grades - prek, k, 2, 3, 1, 4, 5.

Weight - 025. Width - 9. 00651468087937. Also, helpful conversational phrases include "What's your name?" "Where's the bathroom?" and many other expressions.

52 Weeks of Family French: Bite Sized Weekly Lessons Designed to Get You and Your Family Speaking French Today English and French Edition

Depth - 6. 00 Width - 9. 00 Learning resources: an entire section of the book is devoted to free or easily accessible resources to help make learning French more exciting for your child. Pronunciation guide: An easy to follow pronunciation guide will help you as you learn to navigate foreign sounds. All weekly activities are integrated into modern family life.

Adams Media Corporation. Give your child one little fact a week to ignite their interest in worldwide cultures. Cultural notes: Each unit highlights a French cultural topic. Start speaking french today! 52 weeks of Family French contains small, weekly lessons that will get you and your family speaking and understanding French right away.

Games and fun activities are included to help you on your language learning journey. No flashcards or grammar practice required! Here is the perfect book to help you finally learn to speak French and teach your children as you learn. Also inside 52 weeks of family french: Ideas! Pressed for time? The Ideas! section presents ways to integrate language learning into a busy day.

Learn to speak French the fun, natural way. And bring your kids along for the ride! Grades - prek, 3, 2, k, 4, 1, 5.

Berlitz Language: French Flash Cards Berlitz Flashcards

Width - 9. 00651468087937. Adams Media Corporation. Depth - 6. 00 Grades - prek, 4, 1, 3, 2, k, 5. Weight - 025. Designed to teach the words kids need to know, each card features an illustration plus the foreign language word and its pronunciation on one side; the reverse side shows the word in English.

French-English Picture Dictionary First Bilingual Picture Dictionaries

The translated word is followed in turn by a phonetic spelling in smaller type. 651468087937. It presents more than 350 illustrations of familiar objects, with nine pictures on each page. Used book in Good Condition. Depth - 6. 00 Here's a fun way for younger English-speaking children to build a basic vocabulary in French.

Width - 9. 00 It's never too soon to start teaching boys and girls a second language, and this book presents pages filled with cheerful color pictures that help teach French words to English-speaking children in early grades. Every picture is labeled with its English word, followed by its French equivalent.

Adams Media Corporation. Words are grouped according to themes, Fruit, Weather, The Classroom, Vegetables, such as Sports, Party Time, and many others. Grades - prek, 2, 1, 4, k, 3, 5. Weight - 025. For example, gymnastics, athletics, fishing, cycling, skiing, table tennis, the nine illustrations on the Sports page show pictures with bilingual labels for football, swimming, and basketball.


Song In French For Children

Depth - 6. 00651468087937. 20 chants en francais pour les enfants; 'Sur le pont d'Avignon' 'L'aloutte' 'La Petite Marie' et plus. Adams Media Corporation. Shrink-wrapped. Used book in Good Condition. Width - 9. 00 . Grades - prek, k, 2, 3, 1, 4, 5. Weight - 025.

Poisson Un Poisson Deux Poisson Rouge Poisson Bleu: The French Edition of One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books Hardcover

Used book in Good Condition. Notre robert s’assoit derrière. Il a trois places. Depth - 6. 00 Ce livre n’est pas seulement un outil parfait pour apprendre à lire le français, c’est aussi un régal de lecture ludique où le rire n’est jamais loin : « Notre vélo est super. This book is not only a perfect tool for learning to read french, k, 4, 2, 1, it also entertains and amuses with playful passages such as “Did you ever fly a kite in bed? Did you ever walk with ten cats on your head?” Grades - prek, 3, 5.

Weight - 025. Seuss : rimes facétieuses et personnages loufoques comme le Bloss à sept bosses, Willy et son petit lit ou le Gox qui aime la boxe…. Width - 9. 00 The beloved illustrations of Dr. Adams Media Corporation. Seuss' beloved tales, rollicking rhyme and zany characters such as winking Yink, seven-humped Wump and Ned with his little bed.

651468087937. Seuss plus an all new french translation of his simple, fun learn-to-read text Publiée en anglais sous le titre original One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, cette nouvelle traduction française reste fidèle à ce qui fait le succès des livres du Dr. C’est cocasse ! »originally published in English as One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, this new French translation faithfully captures Dr.

My First French Book French Edition

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Featuring first words, alongside a clear layout and bold images, colors, numbers, and shapes, this introductions to French helps young children learn basic vocabulary. Shrink-wrapped. Depth - 6. 00 Slightly older children will learn the essential French vocabularies that they will need in their reading.

651468087937. Grades - prek, 4, k, 1, 2, 3, 5. Weight - 025. Each title includes an introduction for parents and teachers suggesting strategies for helping children learn most effectively. Adams Media Corporation. Width - 9. 00 With a format that encourages adult-child interaction, toddlers and their parents will find My First French Book to be the ideal "look and say" picture-word books.