Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected–A Memoir P.S.

Poignant, and heart-soaring, eye-opening, Hampton’s Bloom is ultimately about embracing life and really living it. In her tender and genuinely beautiful memoir, Kelle Hampton encourages us to not simply accept the unexpected circumstances of our lives, but to embrace them like the things we wished for all along.

Matthew logelin, ultimately, and, new york times bestselling author of Two Kisses for MaddyBloom is an inspiring and heartfelt memoir that celebrates the beauty found in the unexpected, the strength of a mother’s love, the amazing power of perspective. The author of the popular blog enjoying the small things—named the bump’s best special needs blog and The Blog You’ve Learned the Most From in the 2010 BlogLuxe Awards—Kelle Hampton interweaves lyrical prose and stunning four-color photography as she recounts the unforgettable story of the first year in the life of her daughter Nella, who has Down syndrome.


Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents' Guide

Existing chapters have been revised, and in keeping with its parent-friendly reputation, some completely rewritten by new authors, most of the book’s contributors are parents of children with Down syndrome. Chapters cover:what is down syndrome?: a primer on the causes, transitioning to preschool, sleep apnea, characteristics, and skin problems, with expanded information about toilet training;family life: the impact on siblings and couples, providing services in the natural environment, discipline issues, health insurance, sources of financial assistance, and financial information, learning styles, with an emphasis on detecting signs early for needed treatment;Daily Care: The gamut of care from feeding to bathing, using reading to develop language, including the latest on federal education and civil rights laws, and common questions & Treatments: An overview of possible health issues including celiac disease, and new material to help everyone understand that a child s behavior is a form of communication;Development & toddlers with new information on the transdisciplinary approach, and diagnosis, reflux, including the latest information on genetics and prenatal testing;Adjusting to Your Baby: Advice from an experienced mother on coping with common emotions and announcing the news to friends and family;Medical Concerns & answers;Legal Rights & Financial Issues: Explains your child's educational and legal rights, trusts, memory strengths and weaknesses, and using play to encourage learning;Early Intervention: An overview of services and therapies for babies & Learning: Expectations about development plus new material on variability in development, diabetes, and guardianship.

Full of new photos, welcome to holland, updated and expanded resources and reading lists, parent statements, and a reprint of the inspiring essay, this guide is everything parents need to build a bright and healthy future for their child with Down syndrome. Covering the best practices for raising and caring for children with Down syndrome through age five, this book is invaluable to new parents who have welcomed a baby with Down syndrome into their lives.

This new edition incorporates the latest scientific, medical, educational research, and practical information available, as well as parents’ suggestions and feedback.2009 ippy award winner: silver medalist, parenting/family categorybabies with down SYNDROME, is completely revised and updated in a new, the trustworthy guide which has benefited thousands of families since it was first published in 1985, third edition.

47 Strings. Tessa's Special Code

47 strings is a beautifully illustrated book for children of all ages. Double-tap on an area of text to zoom and read. This book is specially designed in Amazon's fixed-layout KF8 format with region magnification. A children's picture book about the remarkable lessons to be learned from a little girl named Tessa, who was born with Down syndrome.


An Uncomplicated Life: A Father's Memoir of His Exceptional Daughter

The day they brought her home from the hospital, but also overwhelming love, Paul and Kerry, her parents, were flooded with worry and uncertainty, which they channeled to “the job of building the better Jillian. While their daughter had special needs, they refused to allow her to grow up needy—“Expect, Don’t Accept” became their mantra.

Having graduated from high school and college, Jillian now works to support herself, and has met the love of her life and her husband-to-be, Ryan. In an uncomplicated life, the parent learns as much about life from the child as the child does from the parent. A father’s exhilarating and funny love letter to his daughter with Down syndrome whose vibrant and infectious approach to life has something to teach all of us about how we can better live our own.

Jillian daugherty was born with Down syndrome. The day jillian was born, Paul says, was the last bad day. As he lovingly writes,  boundless joy, “Jillian is a soul map of our best intentions”—a model of grace, and love for all of us. Little did they know how ready Jillian was to meet their challenge.

Paul tells stories from jillian’s mischievous childhood and moves to her early adulthood,  tracing her journey to find happiness and purpose in her adult life, sharing endearing anecdotes as well as stories about her inspiring triumphs. Through her unmitigated love for others, and her boundless capacity for joy, her sparkling charisma, Jillian has inspired those around her to live better and more fully.

The Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome: Advice, Information, Inspiration, and Support for Raising Your Child from Diagnosis through Adulthood

In this book, authors jen jacob and Mardra Sikora share their experiences and guide you through life with Ds with expert advice from diagnosis to adulthood. Each page teaches you ways to support your child through major milestones; nurture their development; and ensure that they succeed behaviorally, socially, and cognitively.

You'll also find valuable information on:sharing the news with loved onesTransitioning into primary schoolDeveloping your child's social skillsDiscussing future opportunities, including employment and housing optionsWith The Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome, healthy, you will have the tools you need to raise a happy, and thriving child.

. Help your child succeed and thrive!as a parent of a child diagnosed with Down syndrome, you may be feeling unsure of what to do next or where your child's journey will take you.

The Lucky Few: Finding God's Best in the Most Unlikely Places

But like most things god does, once she stepped into the craziness and confusion that comes with the unknown and the unplanned, she realized that they were indeed among the lucky few. Discover in this book what 70, 000+ followers of Heather's hit Instagram account @macymakesmyday already know: the power of faith and family can help us stay strong in the toughest times.

That's what adoptive mom Heather Avis learned, and that's the invitation of this book. As the mother of three adopted children - two with down syndrome - Heather Avis has learned that it's truly the lucky few who get to live a life like hers, who actually recognize that God's plans are best, even when they seem so radically different from the plans we have for ourselves.

When heather started her journey into parenthood she never thought it would look like this, never planned to have three adopted children, and certainly never imagined that two of them would have Down syndrome. This book will also be especially touching to those with adopted family members or children with Down syndrome in their lives.

When life looks radically different than the plan we have for ourselves, it's the lucky few that recognize God's plan is best.

A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny

Amy julia opens eyes and softens hearts as she brings readers into her own story of disappointment turned to blessing. An honest, hopeful look at Unexpected ChallengesChallenging surprises often lead to unexpected joy. Whether you are a parent or not, whether the children in your life are 'typical' or not, this story will shake you, change you, and encourage you.

Andy crouch, author, Culture Making. This books will inspire readers who appreciate beautiful writing coupled with deep insights about life and faith. Amy julia becker has the courage and grace to tell the truth. This is a journey of discovering strength through weakness, and the author learns to embrace the face that we are all dependent on God and one another.


Scoot Over and Make Some Room: Creating a Space Where Everyone Belongs

She shares heartbreaking moments when her kids were denied a place at the table and when she had to fight for their voices to be heard. Mama to three adopted kids - two with down Syndrome - Heather encourages us all to take a breath, laugh a little, whisper a prayer, and make room for the wildflowers. In a world of divisions and margins, look, those who act, and grow a little differently are all too often shoved aside.

Scoot over and make some room is part inspiring narrative and part encouraging challenge for us all to listen and learn from those we're prone to ignore. Heather tells hilarious stories of her growing kids, forgotten pants, spontaneous dance parties, and navigating the challenges and joys of parenthood.

With beautiful wisdom and profound convictions, this manifesto will empower you to notice who's missing in the spaces you live in, to make room for your own kids and for those others who need you and your open heart. This is your invitation to a table where space is unlimited and every voice can be heard.

Because when you open your life to the wild beauty of every unique individual, you'll discover your own colorful soul and the extraordinary, abundant heart of God. Author and instagram star heather avis has made it her mission to introduce the world to the unique gifts and real-life challenges of those who have been pushed to the edges of society.


Supporting Positive Behavior in Children and Teens with Down Syndrome: The Respond but Don't React Method

David stein, a psychologist and founder of New England Neurodevelopment, LLC, in Concord, Massachusetts, shares his approach to behavior management in this new book for parents. No parent wants that to happen, and thankfully, help is available! Dr. Supporting positive behavior in children and teens with down syndrome examines how the brain of a person with Down syndrome works, how those differences impact behavior, and why bad behavior should not be viewed as a willful act.

Another bolts across a busy parking lot, turns and smiles at his mom. An eighteen-year-old student bursts into tears when asked to change activities at school. A child doesn't want to leave the toy store, so he stops and flops. Sound familiar? these and other common behavior issues in children with Down syndrome can quickly become engrained and may even persist into adulthood.

Governed by this new awareness, parents are in a better position to change and manage their child’s behavior using these guiding principles:- Be proactive, but when they are followed consistently, others are not, not reactive- Be consistent- Use visual schedules & Social Stories to direct behavior- Develop a token reward chart- Keep gut reactions in check- Teach siblings to ignore bad behavior- Learn effective disciplinary techniques- Know when professional help is neededSome of these parenting concepts are intuitive, children and teens with Down syndrome do their best behaviorally and the parent-child relationship remains as positive and loving as it should be.


Hannah's Down Syndrome Superpowers One Three Nine Inspired Book 2

This book is a tool written by a mom/pediatric physical therapist to help kids, family, friends and caregivers understand Down Syndrome. Hannah, superhero princess, explains her Down Syndrome Superpowers, how they affect her, and how she's more like other kids than different.

Down Syndrome Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier

Turn to this upbeat book for credible, realistic advice and for a dose of bibliotherapy when you need validation and perspective. As an added bonus, parent of a child with down syndrome and author of the New York Times bestseller, the book includes a Foreword by Martha Beck, EXPECTING ADAM. About. Com 2012 readers' choice award winner, now an adult, teachers, favorite new special-needs parenting book!down syndrome pareNTING 101 is a savvy book for parents, and anyone who shares life with a person with Down syndrome! It's full of uplifting advice and best practices gleaned from the author's personal and professional experiences raising a son, grandparents, and teaching educators and parents how to teach children with Down syndrome to read.

Throughout, friends, many characters--the author's son, and students--appear, serving as anecdotal evidence in support of the author's points and adding to the storytelling effect. Down syndrome parenting 101 offers inspired takes on a host of important issues, from learning to recognize and celebrate your child's personality and gifts to finding a great teacher for him, and from insisting your child pull his own weight to giving your child his space as an adult.

The author--equal parts mentor, transitioning, experiences, and realist--takes readers by the hand and walks them through the various life stages, discipline, interacting with medical professionals, school, and people they will encounter with their child including: getting to know and fall in love with your child, enthusiast, humorist, literacy, and independence.

Chapters are short, a plus for busy parents, and can be read individually or sequentially.