Cheyenne Gold

The angry townspeople accused Standing Bull, a Cheyenne war chief, of the crime. In an attempt to steal a bag of the nuggets, the ruthless frontiersman Charlie Galway murdered a white friend of Rusty’s and escaped unseen. Rusty sabin had mined the ill-omened gold in the Sacred Valley of the Cheyennes, a place so holy that even the air was feared by the Indians.

To them he was Red Hawk, a leader and a great warrior. But the gold he carried from the valley was to bring terrible ordeals to Rusty and to the tribe. When rusty’s pleas for a fair trial were disregarded, he rescued the young chief from a lynch mob, taking him back to their tribe. Here is the beginning of a gripping tale about the long, the white Indian, bloody feud between Red Hawk, and the white men who had become his deadly enemies.

Born of white parents, Rusty had been raised by the Cheyennes.

Gun Gentlemen

He swears he'll clear his name and live a free man before he'll be hunted down like an animal. Lucky bill has the reputation of a natural battler, but he is not a cold-blooded killer. But bill refuses to turn tail and run. Then bill finds himself on the wrong side of the law, and plenty of greenhorns and gringos set their sights on collecting the price on his head.


Rider of the High Hill

The sheriff has him pegged for hijacking a gold shipment, and is hunting him down. Reata's only hope is to recover the loot, return it to the bank and clear his name - but the real hijackers have other plans. He may have the fastest gun and the fastest horse in the West, but can Reata get it done and clear his name?

Caught between the law and the outlaw - Reata is on the run.

The Smiling Desperado

Danger made cadigan smile - and Cadigan's smile made other men tremble. He was fast with a gun, deadly with his fists, and a bully who never let you forget who was tougher. Mistaken for a quiet weakling, no one expected him to stand up to Bill Lancaster. The smiling desperado by Max Brand is the slam-bang story of an outlaw who thrived on danger.

Danger made a smile touch his lips. Now cadigan wants to teach Lancaster a lesson and he intended to use what he had just discovered, that he did not know fear. Desperate he used his gun on Cadigan while they were fighting. Fighting him with his fists he made Lancaster realize that someone was tougher than he was.

Bill lancaster was a dangerous man that no one dared mess with. Young dan Cadigan however refused to be pushed.

The Lost Valley

The lost valley tells the tale of Chuck Neilan who buys an emerald earring and searches out its original owner. This leads him a woman whose ranch is being attacked by an outlaw known as The Wolf.

Arizona Clan

Kansas rider dodge mercer is an ex-gunslinger hungry for the quiet life and seeking only a little corner of peace in Arizona, sorghum booze runners, so he drifts west looking for a spread of his own,  but he runs up against the Southwest's three most dangerous things: a beautiful young woman, and hot-flying lead! .

This is a high-spirited adventure from a true legend of Western storytelling.

Larramee's Ranch

You'll find it hard to get out of this trouble, Holden. Then he announced he would marry alexa larrame, beautiful blue-eyed daughter of the wealthiest rancher around - even though he'd never even met her!But now he had a lot more than just a rash promise to live up to. He was being accused of murder in a town where the strong make the laws - and enforce them with bullets!An Innocent Man Against an Angry Town!

First, he'd held off the town bully, big Crogan, and his men single-handedly. They've put out a reward that will bring out a thousand armed men hunting for you before noon!"The charge was murder - and now Tom Holden had big trouble on his hands.

The Stingaree

Most people thought Joe was just an easygoing tramp who would do anything to avoid a fight. Ahead of him lay the perils of hired guns and wilderness traps and a bitter conflict with his own code of honor. Stanley parker, however, suspected that the stranger was more dangerous than he pretended to be. When alabama joe drifted into Fort Anxious, his one friend there was the boy, Jimmy Green.

. And parker knew he would have to kill stingaree if he could! Here is a fast-moving story of a man of many names and many skills who found that his ordeal had just begun when he met his enemy. Ever since parker had won fame and fortune by gunning down the notorious Bob Dillman, he had been expecting the outlaw's partner, the deadly Stingaree to show up.


Stranger from the Tonto

He had promised a dying prospector to even an old score and he meant to keep his word - with his guns! .

The Fugitive Trail

In order to save his cowardly gambler brother, Bruce Lockheart hits the fugitive trail, accused of a crime he did not commit and pursued by a relentless ranger and the woman who loves him. He is doomed to lie, kill and forever ride the Fugitive Trail.

Speedy's Mare

As other of brand’s continuing characters, Speedy is a loner, little more than a youngster, and is able to outwit and out-maneuver even the deadliest of men without the use of a gun. Max brand’s saga of the youthful hero speedy began with “tramp Magic, ” a six-part serial in Street & Smith’s Western Story Magazine 11/21/31-12/26/31.

Stories of his adventures, in addition to the serial, eventually numbered nine. In this short story, Speedy is lured across the Mexican border to be killed. Speedy’s mare” by first appeared in Street & Smith’s Western Story Magazine 3/12/32.