Chinese Lattice Designs Dover Pictorial Archive

Long recognized as an important folk art, window lattices have been generally neglected as an art form and this book is the first work on the subject since the 17th century. Reflecting their Chinese heritage, these designs are universal and can be used almost anywhere. The lattices are classified according to one basic figure or concept, loop-continued, in-out bound, the han line, central ju i, no focus frames, wedge-lock, double focus frames, recurving wave, triple focus frames, quintuple focus frames, opposed waves, symmetrical ice-ray, parallel waves, out-lock, hexagon, presentation, like swastikas a Buddhist symbol, single focus frames, S-scroll, octagon or octagon square, and the hundreds of beautiful design variations fall into only 26 categories: parallelogram, rustic ice-ray, U-scroll, allover Ju I, unlike swastikas, and square and round.

Fortunately, it is also the definitive work on the subject, and though no book can present a complete coverage of Chinese lattice, this book is a great classic study and an incredibly rich source of design for Westerners. More than 1200 designs are shown here, arranged in a clear system of classification that includes 22 areas of related design — borders, tail pieces, brackets, and so on.

. In addition, there is usually a short description for each design and every design is designated by name, location, and approximate date of construction. Professor dye spent over 21 years studying and copying lattices all over China, and because of the ravages of time and changing cultural values, this collection can probably never be duplicated.

Each category is introduced in sections at the front. Chinese craft design excelled in the manipulation of geometric space and reached its highest point in the design of window lattices on Chinese houses.

Traditional Chinese Designs Dover Pictorial Archive

Also available in this unique collection are real and fabulous Chinese animals, geometric and abstract patterns, cloud and water motifs, ideographs, and more. Many of the patterns, in addition to carved stone, ceramics, and styles, basketry, tiles, were originally conceived for decorating textiles, and cut paper, shapes, which come in a variety of sizes, woodcarvings, metalwork, and other architectural elements.

Commercial artists and graphic designers will find an abundant supply of useful borders, and corners, chrysanthemums, as well as intricate floral displays that include peonies, pine, frames, lotus, bamboo, and plum blossoms. The distinctive motifs represented in this superb collection of 218 royalty-free patterns are typical of a vital art tradition that is experiencing a worldwide renaissance in popularity.

Selected from various illustrated booklets published throughout the People's Republic of China and in Hong Kong, these motifs are derived from a vast selection of Chinese artifacts — dating from prehistoric pottery to the present day. Recognized internationally for their subtlety, and enduring beauty, delicate lines, artistic Chinese designs have long been regarded as more than simple ornamentation.


The New Book of Chinese Lattice Designs Dover Pictorial Archive Series

372 lattice designs never before published, expand Dye's earlier classic work. Introduction. Classic work, stained glass, both in west and in China, embroidery, on the intricate geometric window grids is a rich source of patterns and ideas for wallpaper, fabric work, more. Frames, octagons, borders, swastikas, intricate patterns.


Abstract Design and How to Create It Dover Art Instruction

Thorough and comprehensive, abstract Design and How to Create It will be an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to learn the principles and techniques of creating nonrepresentative designs. Students, designers, and craftspeople who want to create their own abstract patterns and designs will find this profusely illustrated guide one of the best books available on the subject.

. After an introductory chapter dealing with the geometric basis of design, the author goes on to discuss implements and their use T-square, compass, ruling pen, dividers, etc. Textile patterns, borders, nature study, and treatment. Over 380 illustrations include many diagrams, designs for title pages, allover patterns, Greek and Roman jewelry, border patterns, and historical examples from an extraordinary number of cultures and periods: Assyrian stone carvings, 18th-century English silverwork, textile patterns, and more.


1100 Decorative French Ironwork Designs Dover Pictorial Archive

All items are identified by English translations of the original French captions. An invaluable source of information for art historians, craftsmen, dealers, preservationists—anyone interested in historic ironwork—this magnificent treasury of copyright-free graphics will be welcomed as well by commercial artists, collectors, designers, and craftspeople as a rich source of visual inspiration and immediately usable art.

. This splendid archive of decorative ironwork designs, includes 1, 100 illustrations of elaborate motifs used to enhance such diverse architectural elements as doorway and balcony grilles, columns, painstakingly reprinted from a rare French volume, gates, garden seats, door panels, and funeral monuments.

Among the illustrations are intricate, garden urns, finely detailed images of diminutive rosettes, umbrella stands, metal bench frames, hat hooks, candelabra, and clotheshorses; iron fencing for cemetery plots; water fountains, doorknobs, gargoyles, finials, and crosses; designs for friezes and moldings; and many other types of decorate antique ironwork.


Traditional Chinese Textile Designs in Full Color Dover Pictorial Archive

Traditional, well-known motifs are embroidered in colored silk or cotton on specifically prescribed parts of the costume to act as symbols or emblems. Movements and gestures follow age-old patterns, which reveal social rank, and the physical appearance of the performers is rigidly controlled, especially their costumes, occupation, and often personality traits of the characters.

Beautifully painted by lu hua and ma Chiang, lotuses, the motifs include dragons, phoenixes, sharks, lions, cranes, plum blossoms, peonies, and more. In their subtle coloring, and interlocking symmetrical designs, harmonious interplay of shape and form, these motifs perpetuate ancient traditions of symbolic representation and allegorical meaning.

Produced with meticulous care and taste, animals, fish, clouds, this album of motifs displays each design at its best: details are sharp and clear against monochromatic backgrounds; subtle hues with stylized renderings of birds, waves, flowers, and other shapes achieve a highly controlled composition of unity and grace.

Incorporated in these designs are timeless themes found throughout Chinese art: a permeating sense of nature depicted with a sense of growing, moving life; the perfection of shape and proportion that defines a godlike universality. Since the motifs are crucial to such symbolic representations, they are the focus of the greatest possible care and art.

This handsome volume reproduces 60 authentic full-color motifs, originally published in mainland China. Captions identify each motif and briefly indicate the type of costume, and the parts of the costume on which they occur. Designs are also ingeniously adapted to their specific use on the garment: as circular "crests" for broad flat areas, and as elongated panels for borders, collars, and trouser legs.

Creative Haven Chinese Designs Coloring Book Creative Haven Coloring Books

Each title is also an effective and fun-filled way to relax and reduce stress. Used book in Good Condition. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Chinese Designs and other Creative Haven® adult coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display.

Previously published as Chinese Designs. Skillfully adapted from authentic motifs, a serpent-like dragon with scaly skin, lilies and foliage in an eye-catching circular configuration, an idyllic waterscape revealing a gazebo and pavilion, 31 traditional designs depict a pair of peacocks amid lush blossoms, and other richly detailed illustrations.


Pattern Design Dover Art Instruction

He demonstrates the extent to which pattern is the essence of the ornamental arts, and offers a wealth of technical information for the student and designer. Generously illustrated with more than 270 designs ranging from old Japanese, and Arabian patterns to early 20th-century motifs, Persian, Pattern Design will stimulate the imaginations and advance the skills of novices and experts alike.

However, the use of pattern in design is no haphazard matter, but a disciplined activity in which the artists must impose a pleasing order and structure on the whole to achieve an aesthetically satisfying end product. This classic guide, revised and expanded by Amor Fenn three decades after its publication, teaches artists to do just that.

Used book in Good Condition. Take any form you choose and repeat it at regular intervals, just as repetitive sounds produce rhythm or cadence, and, you have pattern. Surveying a multitude of applications, planning, and treats in a practical way the anatomy, Day provides insight into the geometric foundations of all repeating patterns, from architectural detail to decorative textile printing and typographic patterns, and evolution of repeated ornament.


Owen Jones' Chinese Ornament CD-ROM and Book Dover Electronic Clip Art

His monumental work, is not only one of the most beautiful books on the decorative arts ever published, Examples of Chinese Ornaments Selected from Objects in the South Kensington Museum and Other Collections, it stands as a definitive presentation of Chinese ornamentation and design. Used book in Good Condition.

Now, the very best illustrations from Jones' prized edition have been meticulously hand-picked and gathered here in this sumptuous collection. Over 170 full-color designs offer a wide selection of florals, birds, and other motifs, each carefully reproduced from superb examples of porcelain and cloisonné.

Affordably priced and of the highest quality, here is a valuable addition to the libraries of artists and designers as well as a versatile source of inspiration for crafters working in decoupage, needlework, textiles, wallpaper designs, and more. This book includes a cd-rom containing 175 royalty-free images saved in high-quality JPEG format.

. Owen jones 1809-1874 was one of the most admired designers and architects of nineteenth century England.

The Complete Chinese Ornament: All 100 Color Plates Dover Fine Art, History of Art

Used book in Good Condition. One of the most spectacular of these assemblages was housed at London's South Kensington Museum today The Victoria and Albert Museum. These were published in his celebrated book, Examples of Chinese Ornament Selected from Objects in the South Kensington Museum and Other Collections 1867.

This volume offers painstaking reproductions of all one hundred original color plates from that work, which delighted the art world of the time and exerted a profound influence on the subsequent history of Western design. Now that visual inspiration is once again available to artists, illustrators, designers, and craftspeople in this inexpensive high-quality edition.

. During the vast political tumult in china in the 19th century, many of the most exquisite examples of native art from the Ming, Ch'ing and earlier dynasties were spirited out of the country and sold into Western collections. This sumptuous edition offers all 100 full-color plates from Owen Jones's definitive presentation of Chinese ornamentation and design, one of the most beautiful books on the decorative arts ever published.

He then meticulously rendered many of the most intriguing and beautiful designs in full color. In the 1860s, the noted english designer and architect Owen Jones studed this collection in depth, particularly the wealth of superb examples of porcelain and cloisonné. Moreover, any lover of fine art can enjoy the book as a splendid tribute to the glories of Chinese design—at a price far less than those commanded by extremely rare surviving copies of Jones's original work.

Now, over a centruy after its first publication, this remarkable work continues to provide an excellent, copyright-free source of authentic Chinese design and motifs.

Arabic Geometrical Pattern and Design Dover Pictorial Archive

By forbidding the representation of the human figure, the Mohammedan religion helped push Islamic art along a path much different from that of traditional European art. Through centuries of practicing this purely abstract art, Muslim artists have perfected it to an incomparable elegance. This book contains 190 examples exhibiting the wide range of Islamic geometrical art: hexagon designs, octagon designs, combinations of stars and rosettes of many variations, heptagon designs, combinations of squares and octagons, dodecagon designs, and pentagon designs.

European abounds with perspective renderings of figures and landscapes, while Islamic translates artistic impulse into elaborate geometric patterns and linear designs. Used book in Good Condition. These fundamental shapes give rise to hundreds of different designs, and merely altering an angle or curving a straight line can create an entirely new pattern.

The reader may wish to try his own hand at drawing patterns, to which purpose dotted construction lines are given for sections of the plates. When transferred to metal, openwork windows, and twenty-eight examples of actual applications from Cairo and Damascus are included: sanctuary doors, these patterns make up the elaborate ornamentation for which Arabic architecture is noted, mosaic, and paint, wood, inlaid marble pavements, stucco, and ceilings.

Artists and designers will appreciate this book as a valuable source for Islamic art and design, which they may use directly or vary at will, and with the added use of color they will find that striking and beautiful results can often be achieved.