Diamonds & Dirt

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Close Ties

Close ties is at once his most intimate record and his most accessible, the product of years of understanding the ways songs can enter—and be entered by—life. And the concept is related to how you tell stories about yourself. With that in mind, I’m trying to move forward but also get back there. Shrink-wrapped.

Rodney crowell’s new album, demonstrates his strengths as a songwriter and illustrates how he has learned to balance personal recollection, Close Ties, literary sophistication, and his profound musical reach. Recently, i think—i hope—that my study of the blues is starting to show up in my music. Those artists, whether it’s lightnin’ Hopkins or John Lee Hooker or the acoustic Delta players, connected to something fundamental.

The rise of americana music has struck a nerve with Crowell. It’s a loose concept album, you could say, ” Crowell says. Having a few years ago written a memoir, my sensibilities toward narrative—especially trying to find a common thread in different pieces of writing—had become a part of my songwriting process.

Close ties is a roots record, in the sense that Crowell himself has deep roots that stretch back into the alternative country scene of the early seventies. I have declared my loyalty to Americana. But all the people who represent it—townes van zandt, lucinda Williams, Guy Clark, Steve Earle and more recent stars like John Paul White and Jason Isbell—share a common thread, and that thread is poetry.

Fate's Right Hand

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The Houston Kid

Rodney crowell - Houston Kid - Cd Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Platinum Collection

Digitally re-mastered European anthology of Crowell's Warner Brothers label recordings. He gained a well deserved reputation as one of america's best songwriters while playing in emmylou harris' hot band, "Til I Can Gain Control Again", "Ashes By Now", thanks to the chart successes of "Leavin' Louisiana in the Broad Daylight", "Voila! An American Dream", "Heartbroke" all by other artists! This set brings together his own stellar versions along with other highlights of these important years in this monumental artist's career.

20 great tracks in all! Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Acoustic Classics

2018 album. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. 12-track collection of some his most recognizable songs in all-new settings. Shrink-wrapped.

Ain`T Living Long Like This/But What Will The Neighbors Think/Rodney Crowell / Rodney Crowell

The ex-emmylou harris band musician's first album gained great critical acclaim but little commercial success, but the next two made the US Pop and Country charts. Sidemen on the recordings include Vince Gill, Rosanne Cash, Ry Cooder, Albert Lee and Willie Nelson. Digitally remastered two cd set containing a trio of albums by the country singer/songwriter Aint Living Long Like This, But What Will The Neighbors Think and Rodney Crowell originally released on Warner Brothers in 1978, 1980 and 1981.

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Old Yellow Moon

Old yellow moon, will be released in the united states february 26, on Nonesuch Records, a new collaborative album from Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, 2013, with the international release on March 4. I always hoped we would someday do this record, gram parsons and, “the record’s overall tone calls to mind that Southern California blend of country music and rock and roll pioneered by Linda Ronstadt, of course, and now I can finally cross it off my bucket list!”Crowell adds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Emmylou and The Hot Band.

Old yellow moon is the follow up to harris’ acclaimed 2011 release, Hard Bargain, which debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard200 chart. Emmylou harris & Rodney Crowell- Old Yellow Moon. In addition to harris and crowell, the album features world-renowned musicians including Stuart Duncan, and Bill Payne, Vince Gill, as well as members of the original Hot Band.

Harris says of the collaboration, “i first heard Rodney on a demo tape in 1974 and knew immediately from his voice and lyrics he had the right stuff. More details will be announced shortly. Produced by brian ahern johnny cash, george jones, roy orbison, Old Yellow Moon is the first official collaboration from the duo since Crowell joined Harris’ Hot Band as guitarist and harmony singer in 1975.

Shrink-wrapped. In celebration of the album, the duo will embark on a series of tour dates this spring. Shrink-wrapped.

Tarpaper Sky

Celebrating 40 years of making music, Crowell has created an album that harkens back to some of his most revered and loved works. Emmylou harris & Rodney Crowell- Old Yellow Moon. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. It comes fast on the heels of old yellow moon, crowell s critically lauded collaboration with Emmylou Harris, which won a 2013 Grammy® Award and was named 2013 Album of the Year by the Americana Music Association.

Crowell has pushed the boundaries of country, folk and roots music since long before the term Americana was coined as a genre, making a name for himself and gaining respect as both a songwriter and as an artist. Tarpaper sky would sit comfortably on the shelf right between the chart-topping fan favorite Diamonds and Dirt 1988 and Life Is Messy 1992.

. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. This album marks a reunion of the creative partnership of Crowell and musical accomplice Steuart Smith, who was an integral part of his overall sound during the late 80s. Esteemed musician, songwriter and author Rodney Crowell has teamed up with New West Records to release Tarpaper Sky, his new self-produced album.


Keys to the Highway

Shrink-wrapped. Keys to the highway Audio CD Crowell, Rodney Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Emmylou harris & Rodney Crowell- Old Yellow Moon.