Duke of Scandal Moonlight Square, Book 1

Some rules were made to be broken…welcome to moonlight square ~ regency London’s Most Romantic Address!Six years ago, the Duke of Netherford, Jason Hawthorne, made it clear to the young, lovesick Miss Felicity Carvel that nothing could ever happen between them. Deep down, felicity still wants Jason for her own.

Unfortunately, jason is the last person whose help she’d ever want. Still smarting from the humiliation of throwing herself at the handsome, as her beloved Jason wandered ever farther astray, heart aching, Felicity has watched from a distance over the years, dark-eyed rogue only to be rejected, seeking escape from the hidden wounds in his past that have turned him into this lost soul.

When a sudden windfall makes her one of the most sought-after heiresses in London, Jason knows he must step in to protect her and keep the fortune-hunters at bay until her brother returns from his dangerous mission abroad. Worse, the attraction between them has only grown with the passage of time. Foley never sacrifices character or romance while whisking readers away on fast-paced escapades…and giving them a glorious deep-sigh read.

Kathe robin, senior reviewer, rich period details, intrigue, RT Book Reviews“Once again, Foley delivers an irresistible Regency romance filled with adventure, love and humor. Night owl reviews“there are some romance authors whose novels pretty much guarantee a good old-fashioned, joyful read. The one thing the rakehell duke of Netherford swore he’d never do was give in to the temptation offered to him by his best friend’s younger sister.

But now, miss felicity Carvel is all grown up, and more ravishing than ever.

To Woo an Heiress Boxed Set: Three Sweet Regency Romances in One

Neither will succeed. A dangerous courtship: traveling to the yorkshire moors by horseback to investigate another of her naïve friends' suitors, Veronica is set upon by a pack of wild dogs—and rescued by a handsome stranger who also seems on the brink of madness. Reviews: "Ms. By night, she pursues her passion—writing romance.

Randall displays a wonderful talent for writing humor. Rendezvousto woo an heiress, in series orderlady lissa's liaisonmiss Marcie's MischiefA Dangerous CourtshipMiss Meredith's MarriageAlso by Lindsay RandallRescued by the CowboyRescuing the HandmaidenPhantomMeet Lindsay RandallBy day, Lindsay is a development writer for a private university.

From award-winning author lindsay randall comes three sweet Regency heiresses—one with too many suitors, one with too many naïve friends, and one who's facing Cupid's bow. Includes:lady lissa's liaison: too many suitors hungering her newly-acquired inheritance, Lady Lissa Lovington plants a devious rumor: she's had a liaison with the notorious Earl of Wylde.

. Both are trying to escape a scheming Cupid. She's written twelve novels and has received a Reviewers Choice Award from RT BookReviews. The rumor works like a charm, until the mercurial Lord Wylde returns to turn the tables. Miss marcie's mischief: after escaping mistress cheltenham's School for Young Ladies on the eve of Saint Valentine's Day, heiress Marcie Darlington is nearly run down by the London Mail Coach, commandeered by the Marquis of Sherringham.

Duke of Secrets Moonlight Square, Book 2

Now, they turn lady serena parker’s world upside-down, sending the bold, only one man can lead her to the truth… But at what price?When shocking family secrets emerge, raven-haired beauty on a quest to find answers. And that's the best gift a writer of happily-ever-after love stories can give her readers.

Lifetime tv Books blog“Huge talent. Romance reviews todaybooks in the moonlight square series:prequel novella – one moonlit nightbook 1 – duke of scandalbook 2 – DUKE OF SECRETSBook 3 – DUKE OF STORMWelcome back to Moonlight Square ~ Regency London’s most intriguing address! Once she captivates the duke’s smoldering passion, however, gaining his help may cost Serena more than she ever dreamed…Praise for Gaelen Foley’s novels:“One of the finest adventure/romance authors does it again.

Foley never sacrifices character or romance while whisking readers away on fast-paced escapades…and giving them a glorious deep-sigh read. Kathe robin, rt book reviews“Enchanting, Senior Reviewer, intriguing, fun. Stephanie laurens, #1 new york Times Bestselling Author“Delectably entertaining, lusciously sensual…an irresistible author.

Booklist“there are some romance authors whose novels pretty much guarantee a good old-fashioned, joyful read. Ironically, her search soon points her right across the street, to the home of her most mysterious neighbor in Moonlight Square—the elusive and solitary Azrael, Duke of Rivenwood. The rich, enigmatic nobleman alone may possess the knowledge she craves, but Serena knows she must approach with caution.

One Moonlit Night Moonlight Square: A Prequel Novella

Presenting the wildly romantic new regency series from new york times bestselling author, Gaelen Foley…Welcome to Moonlight Square ~ Regency London’s Most Exclusive Address!At the ripe old age of two-and-twenty, Lady Katrina Glendon just can’t seem to snare a husband. When her latest suitor defects and proposes to another girl, Trinny throws up her hands in despair of ever finding a fiancé.

Until, one moonlit night, fate strikes! Unsuspecting neighbors meet and become flirtatious allies. But sometimes destiny waits just around the corner…and love lives right across the square!Gable Winston-McCray, understated Viscount Roland saunters through life as a wealthy, the charming, sophisticated rakehell and man-about-town.

Alas, the pretty redhead cannot possibly accept such an unfeeling proposal—even if her dear “Lord Sweet Cheeks” might be the man of her dreams…Praise for Gaelen Foley books:“Always fabulous. Julia quinn“delectably entertaining, lusciously sensual…an irresistible author. Booklist“Huge talent.

Romance reviews todaybooks in the moonlight square series:prequel novella – one moonlit nightbook 1 – duKE OF SCANDALBook 2 – DUKE OF SECRETSBook 3 – DUKE OF STORM. Whether her frank tongue or slightly eccentric ways bear the blame, she faces a houseful of younger sisters clamoring for her, the eldest, to marry and move aside before they all end up as spinsters.

Heir to an earldom, the handsome hedonist would rather dally with bored Society wives than acquire a bride of his own, much to his father’s dismay. So when gable receives his father’s ultimatum to wed or go penniless, he offers Trinny a marriage of convenience.

Only an Earl Will Do To Marry a Rogue

As past hurts surface and deception runs as thick as blood, so too does a love that will overcome all obstacles, determined with his own path, unless a nameless foe, gets his way and their love never sees the light of day. Marry well, and marry without love. An easy promise to make and one she owed her family after her near ruinous past that threatened them all.

The reigning queen of London society, Lady Elizabeth Worthingham, has her future set out for her. And the rakish scoundrel henry andrews, Earl of Muir who's inability to act a gentleman when she needed one most would one day pay for his treachery. Returning to england after three years abroad, Henry is determined to make the only woman who captured his heart his wife.

. But the icy reception he receives from Elizabeth is colder than his home in the Scottish highlands.

Duke of Storm Moonlight Square, Book 3

But maggie never expected she’d have to make a scandalous pact with the dangerous outsider to keep her beau alive…As Connor and Maggie search for clues together in the London ton, they can’t help but grow closer. But can their fragile bond survive connor’s cursed inheritance, or will a vengeful assassin and family secrets buried deep within the House of Amberley destroy their chance at happiness?Duke of Storm is a breathtaking Regency romance novel on a grand scale.

To her, he calls forth the adventurous streak she didn’t know she possessed. Can their love overcome the dark storm gathering over the House of Amberley?London, 1817. The only problem? the last three dukes of Amberley all died under very mysterious circumstances, and before long, Connor is convinced that someone is trying to kill him.

As he attempts to survive his new title and navigate life in the london aristocracy, mild-mannered Lady Margaret Winthrop is desperate to escape her cruel sister’s household, he knows he needs the guidance of a high-society insider…but whom could he possibly trust?Innocent, even if it means marrying her only suitor—an arrogant boor.

He’s the Duke no one expected. She’s the lady he’s been looking for. To him, she embodies a battle-hardened soldier’s dream of peacetime. If you like lush historical settings, intriguing mysteries, and relationships to savor, you’ll love the latest heartfelt tale in the Moonlight Square series by New York Times Bestselling Author Gaelen Foley.

Buy duke of storm today to uncover the true power of love!praise for the novels of Gaelen Foley:“Run, Intriguing, do not walk, to your nearest bookstore and snatch up everything you can find that this amazing author has ever written!” ~The Romance Readers’ Connection“Enchanting, fun.

Seducing the Marquess Lords & Ladies in Love

But the only man Eugenia only wants is her husband. But her much changed and undeniably wicked behavior might inadvertently drive her confused husband to ponder the unthinkable—his perfect Lady has taken a lover. Their marriage is one of respect and affection, with no messy entanglements such as love. However, once married, he was no longer comfortable bedding a woman other Eugenia.

London, 1819. Richard, marquess of Devon is satisfied with his ton marriage. The book can bring sizzling desire to the marriage or it might cause an explosion. Devon’s upbringing impressed upon him that gentlemen slake their baser needs on a mistress, not their gently bred wives. His wife of five months, Lady Eugenia Devon, thought she was, too, until she found the book.

When she stumbles onto a naughty book, she begins a campaign to change the rules. Lady eugenia wants her very proper husband to fall in love with her.

The Spy Who Seduced Her The Brethren Book 1

The stakes are high and passions flare hot in Regency England! A widow with a past… The last thing Victoria Barrett, the Viscountess Waters, has any interest in is romance. Victoria and nathaniel must trust one another if they hope to start anew—in love and life. Now widowed, her only focus is on clearing her son’s name from the charge of murder.

Captured and tortured 20 years ago, he clung to memories of his first love until he could escape. There is just one complication: the prime suspect's mother is none other than Victoria, the woman he once loved with his very soul. Secrets will be uncovered and passions rekindled. That is until the love of her life returns from the grave.

A leader of a once great agency… nathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter head of the Crown’s elite organization, The Brethren, is back on British soil. But will duty destroy their last chance? Christi caldwell is a must read!! ~mary balogh, new york Times bestselling author And see why Tessa Dare says, "A Christi Caldwell book never fails to touch the heart.

In this spellbinding new regency series by Christi Caldwell, The Heart of a Duke meets the Brethren of the Lords. Discovering she has married whilst he was captive, Nathaniel sets aside the distractions of love.

Distracting the Duke Wayward in Wessex Book 1

But one shockingly unguarded moment while confronted by Marcus’s gloriously naked body catapults her headlong into a forbidden passion and threatens to undermine all her well-laid plans. Even if marcus abandons his sweet ideal and surrenders to his growing desire for Clara, there's one unalterable issue which could destroy their hopes forever.

. Recently widowed lady clara Tinniswood wants only to organize a quiet new life for herself, beyond the control of any man. Unfortunately, and lamentably beautiful guardian, keeps distracting him, frustrating, Lady Clara Tinniswood, her vastly opinionated, tempting him to consider a far more tempestuous—and passionate—union.

Devonshire, the duke of ulvercombe, 1820determined to avoid the strife-filled marriage of his parents, biddable wife, Marcus, England, wants an amenable, and has set his cap for a certain pretty miss.

No Other Duke Will Do Windham Brides

Smart, sexy, and oh-so-romantic. Mary balogh Julian St. And absolutely impossible. As the two spend more time together, their attraction is overwhelming, unexpected. Though he has a long-term plan to restore the family finances, his sister has a much faster solution: host a house party for London's single young ladies and find Julian a wealthy bride.

As much as she'd rather be reading shakespeare than husband-hunting, she has to admit she's impressed by Julian's protective instincts, broad shoulders, and, of course, his vast library. David, duke of haverford, is barely keeping his head above water in a sea of inherited debts. Elizabeth windham has no interest in marriage, but a recent scandal has forced her hand.

With meddling siblings, the threat of financial ruin, and gossips lurking behind every potted palm, will they find true love or true disaster? "Grace Burrowes is a romance treasure. Tessa dare the windham brides series: the trouble with Dukes Too Scot to Handle No Other Duke Will Do A Rogue of Her Own.


Never Dare a Wicked Earl The Infamous Lords

And it takes a special touch to reveal the true hearts behind their devilish disguises. And discovers that the man within longs only for a second chance to love. As a battle of wills begins, Sophia finds herself distracted by the earl’s muscular physique. If she resigns in exasperation like her two predecessors, she will be beholden to this wicked seducer.

Recuperating in his London townhouse, Hayden is confronted by his new medical attendant. Known as a brazen philanderer, earl of westfield, Hayden Milton, is almost done in by a vengeful mistress who aims a gun at a rather essential part of his anatomy—but ends up wounding his thigh instead. A zebra shout fresh new romance   they are the infamous lords, unrepentant rogues whose bad behavior makes for good gossip among the ton.

. Unshaken by his arrogance, not to mention impropriety, Sophia offers Hayden a dare: allow her ten days to prove her competency. But these sexy scoundrels have stories no one knows. Sophia camden intrigues him, for behind her starched uniform is an enticing beauty better suited for bedding than dispensing salves and changing bandages.