Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch

An excellent all-embracing new biography -the new york times from the moment of her ascension to the throne at age twenty-five queen elizabeth ii has been the object of unparalleled admiration and scrutiny but through the fog of glamour and gossip how well do we really know the worlds most famous monarch Drawing on numerous interviews and never-before-revealed documents acclaimed biographer Sally Bedell Smith pulls back the curtain to show in extraordinary detail the public and private lives of one of the worlds most fascinating and enigmatic women In Elizabeth the Queen we meet the young girl who suddenly becomes heiress presumptivewhen her uncle abdicates the throne We see the young Queen struggling to balance the demands of her job with her role as the mother of two young children And we gain insight into the Queens daily routines as well as her personal relationships with Prince Philip her husband of sixty-four years and the love of her life her children and their often-disastrous marriages her grandchildren and friends Scrupulously researched and compulsively readable Elizabeth the Queen is a close-up view of the lively brilliant and steadfast woman weve known only from a distance and a captivating window into life at the center of the last great monarchy NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An imposing yet nimbly written biography that dwarfs the field a most satisfying and enjoyable read one to be savored at length -Minneapolis Star Tribune Random House Trade.


The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1: Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, and the Making of a Young Queen 1947-1955

Here is elizabeth II as we’ve never seen her before. The official companion to the emmy-winning netflix drama chronicling the reign of queen elizabeth II,  The Crown by Peter Morgan, featuring additional historical background and beautifully reproduced archival photos and show stills   Elizabeth Mountbatten never expected her father to die so suddenly, so young, and starring Claire Foy and John Lithgow, leaving her with a throne to fill and a global institution to govern.

. Crowned at twenty-five, she was already a wife and mother as she began her journey towards becoming a queen. Written by the show’s historical consultant, royal biographer robert lacey, The Crown: The Official Companion: Volume 1 adds expert and in-depth detail to the events of the series, and filled with beautifully reproduced archival photos and show stills, painting an intimate portrait of life inside Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street.

As britain lifted itself out of the shadow of war, the new monarch faced her own challenges. This is the story of how elizabeth II drew on every ounce of resolve to ensure that the Crown always came out on top. Her mother doubted her marriage; her uncle-in-exile derided her abilities; her husband resented the sacrifice of his career and family name; and her rebellious sister embarked on a love affair that threatened the centuries-old links between the Church and the Crown.


Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life

. Until his accession to the throne, Smith’s portrait will stand as the definitive study. Booklist starred review“a fascinating book that is not just about a man who would be king, but also about the duties that come with privilege. Walter isaacson“sally bedell Smith has given us a complete and compelling portrait of the man in the shadow of the throne.

The charles that emerges is, as the subtitle suggests, both a paradox and a creature of his passions. The washington Times“A compellingly juicy bio. This vivid, and more, his marriage to camilla, spiritual gurus, former girlfriends, eye-opening biography—the product of four years of research and hundreds of interviews with palace officials, some speaking on the record for the first time—is the first authoritative treatment of Charles’s life that sheds light on the death of Diana, and his preparations to take the throne one day.

With keen insight and the discovery of unexpected new details, and compelling than we knew, Smith lays bare the contradictions of a man who is more complicated, tragic, until now. Praise for prince charles“Smith understands the British upper classes and aristocracy including the royals very well indeed.

. It’s all here, from the back stairs of the palaces to the front pages of the tabs.

The Queen: The Life and Times of Elizabeth II

She was a beacon of hope during and after the second world war in difficult times when the world faced a precarious future, and she has served as a role model for generations of men and women who continue to be in awe of her commitment to service, sacrifice, and the Commonwealth of nations over which she rules.

Her royal highness queen elizabeth II has reigned for 64 years, longer than any British monarch in history. A shy and reserved child, she grew into a wise and insightful monarch who has dealt ably with nine British Prime Ministers during her long reign, from Winston Churchill to Theresa May. When her father was crowned King George VI, Elizabeth was thrust into the eye of the storm as a future queen.

It is unlikely that we will ever see a monarch reign so long or so effectively again, holding together a disparate group of nations, each with its own aspirations, customs and traditions. It was, of course, most notably during the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana, not always straightforward and the Queen has found herself in hot water several times, Princess of Wales.

When diana was tragically killed in a car crash the standing of the Royal Family was probably at its lowest ebb. During that time the Queen has endured the ups and downs that long life will bring.  . Catherine ryan has written an intriguing biography of one of the most famous women of modern times, who at 91 years old still seems fit and healthy and looks very unlikely to hand over the reins to her successors any time soon.

The abdication of her uncle, Edward VIII, in 1936 turned her family’s world upside-down.

Princess Margaret

He has also had the incalculable advantage of several audiences with her, allowing him to incorporate many of her memories, observations and opinions in his book. I found it hard to put down. T b – reviewer “A detailed and enjoyable book. Jessica nipper – reviewer “in reality for Princess Margaret being royal, living in a palace, being a Princess was often a nightmare.

I found the book eminently readable in an easy style that lends itself to wit and irony. Elizabeth longford, the tablet "A balanced and on the whole generous interpretation of this most elusive of royal characters. In the end margaret paved the way for divorce in the royal family and some think that was her legacy.

Marialyce weinreich - reviewer part imperious royal figure, part femme du monde, Princess Margaret spent the greater part of her life torn between meeting the exacting standards of the monarchy and flouting its long-established conventions. Theo aronson is uniquely qualified to tell the Princess's story — from her private and public life.

The problems of being a princess in today's monarchy are vividly implicit in every page. Widely praised on its publication in hardback, this is the first detailed, in-depth study of this controversial figure.

The Royals

They are the most chronicled family on the face of the globe. Princess Margaret. Their every move attracts headlines. No one is spared. Now kitty kelley has gone behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace to raise the curtain on the men and women who make up the British royal family.

Queen elizabeth, Prince Charles, Princess Diana. Here are the scandals of the last decades: the doomed marriages and the husbands, wives, lovers and children caught in their wake and damaged beyond repair. The Royals. 1 new york times bestsellera controversial portrait of the British royal family as told from behind the palace walls.

. Perfect for fans of Netflix's The Crown.

Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor

Despite this setback, mother of two kings, she became queen, grandmother of the current queen, and a lasting symbol of the majesty of the British throne. The Royals. From a family of impoverished nobility, she was chosen by Queen Victoria as the bride for her eldest grandson, heir to the throne, the scandalous Duke of Clarence, who died mysteriously before their marriage.

Matriarch queen Mary and the House of Windsor. Princess Margaret. The life of princess May of Teck is one of the great Cinderella stories in history. Her pivotal role in the abdication of her eldest son, the Duke of Windsor, is just one of the events that provide the backdrop for both thrilling biography and for narrating the splendors and tragedies of the entire house of Windsor.


The Royals

The Royals. Princess Margaret. Matriarch queen Mary and the House of Windsor. Biography of the British royal family; includes new chapter.

Victoria: The Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire

. She was outspoken with her ministers, overstepping conventional boundaries and asserting her opinions. Revolution would threaten many of Europe’s monarchies in the coming decades. In britain, a generation of royals had indulged their whims at the public’s expense, and republican sentiment was growing.

Historical astuteness aside, the pages gallop along enhanced by titillating morsels of info. Esquire “a vivid portrait of one of England’s longest-reigning monarchs. Entertainment Weekly “A success from start to finish. The Royals. In a world where women were often powerless, during a century roiling with change, Victoria went on to rule the most powerful country on earth with a decisive hand.

After the death of her adored Albert, she began a controversial, intimate relationship with her servant John Brown. Matriarch queen Mary and the House of Windsor. Baird’s victoria is a vivid, visceral creature. The christian science monitor “Like the best biographers, Baird writes like a novelist, and her book is crammed with irresistible detail and description.

The seattle Times Princess Margaret.

The Queen Mother: The Official Biography

The official and definitive biography of queen elizabeth the Queen Mother: consort of King George VI, grandmother of Prince Charles, mother of Queen Elizabeth II, and the most beloved British monarch of the twentieth century. Elizabeth angela marguerite bowes-lyon—the ninth of the earl of strathmore’s ten children—was born on August 4, 1900, and, certainly, no one could have imagined that her long life she died in 2002 would come to reflect a changing nation over the course of an entire century.

Matriarch queen Mary and the House of Windsor. The Royals. Vividly detailed, letters, and diaries, written with unrestricted access to her personal papers, this candid royal biography by William Shawcross is also a singular history of Britain in the twentieth century. Used book in Good Condition. Princess Margaret.


The Little Princesses

Princess Margaret. Used book in Good Condition. Matriarch queen Mary and the House of Windsor. Beginning at the quiet family home in piccadilly in the early 1930s and ending with the birth of Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace in 1948, Crawfie tells how she brought the princesses up to be Royal whilst also exposing them to the ordinary world of underground trains, buses and swimming lessons.

The little princesses was published in 1950 to a furore we cannot imagine today. The Royals. Marion crawford, as she was known to the queen and princess Margaret, became governess to the children of the Duke and Duchess of York in the early 1930s, Crawfie, little suspecting she was nurturing her future Queen.

The regard with which the royal family are held in the 21st century has changed out of all recognition in comparison to the early and middle part of the 20th. Their private lives are now the stuff of soap opera and it seems anyone who comes into contact with them sells their story to the magazines or to the newspapers.

Crawfie was demonized by the press and the Queen Mother, who had been a great friend and who had, Crawfie maintained, given her permission to write the account, never spoke to her again.