Exigent Matters: an EMP survival story The Off Grid Survivor Book 2

The man with an iron grip on society will not go down without a fight. With her current beau tom by his side, they scout abandoned warehouses in hopes of rescuing the women, but their quest will not be easy. The solar event left destruction in its wake, but nothing more destructive than what it did to awaken evil amongst men.

Marcellus maggiano, restauranteur-turned-warlord is a prime example of just how distorted the new reality is. Luring able-bodied men with promises of food, and power, drink, the sycophant brings them under his command to do his bidding and prey upon innocent women for insidious purposes. Conrad drake’s ex-wife is among Marcellus’ many victims.

Are they up to the task or will their daring mission to right an unimaginable wrong lead to their deaths? .

Enduring Grit: an EMP survival story The Off Grid Survivor Book 3

Determined to create some semblance of normal, they busy themselves by preparing for the upcoming winter, but their reprieve is cut short when a pregnant Carla comes to Conrad with grave concerns. Their search for the mysterious man may lead to larger problems. Conrad and his group have taken every precaution necessary to stave off future attacks.

How much is conrad willing to risk helping meet Carla’s needs and at what cost to his family? .

The Off Grid Survivor: an EMP survival story

He has found contentment in a life of hard work and skilled preparation. Twenty-five years ago, Conrad Drake’s life was shattered. His plans to prepare for disaster are sent into high-gear as the world around him tumbles into lawlessness. He depends on no one. When he begins to settle into life on his homestead, away from mainstream life, two strange turn of events change his life once again.

Now, he lives a life of solitude, devoid of modern conveniences and things that do his soul no good.

Shades Of Victory: an EMP survival story The Off Grid Survivor Book 4

They can finally enjoy a reprieve as winter approaches, but that’s short-lived when news of a great and dangerous force approaches, threatening to shake things up once again. Conrad knows what lies ahead for them. Does he have the resources and the know-how to fend off the most brutal force yet? The group are no strangers to daunting challenges.

Their most recent challenge has left them battle-scarred and grappling with how to help Carla and her unborn child live. Soon, their emotional scars and physical wounds begin to heal.

UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT: an EMP survival story The Hidden Survivor Book 2

Held captive by terror and his group, Glen can only hope that Christian and the others have survived. As the unruly degenerates continue to terrorize everyone in town with sadistic threats and an evil the likes of which they’ve never seen before. Unbeknownst to them, a trio of would-be saviors is en route to rescue Glen, knowing full-well that they could be walking into a deadly trap.

Will their daring attempt to free Glen from captivity succeed or will it lead to their deaths? .

FACING UNFAMILIAR GROUND : an EMP survival story The Hidden Survivor Book 3

Dr. Others like him are a dying breed in the cities, bringing the human race to a virtual stand-still. Resigned to do the right thing, even if that means leaving his comfortable cabin and placing himself in a dangerous situation, he is willing to risk it all for the greater good. When he learns of a shuttle that runs through the state, he says goodbye to his current life with three young adults in tow, but his quest to save lives and help those in desperate need of his expertise is met by a bevy of inconceivable dangers that will change the course of their lives in unimaginable ways.

Glen carter has nothing left to lose.

THE HIDDEN SURVIVOR: an EMP survival story

That is, everyone except Glen … for now. The storm devastates the electrical grids and leaves the world in chaos. Glen carter had it all: a wife, a family, a thriving medical practice … until tragedy struck and the life he once adored was nothing more than a heartbreaking memory. With few resources and little knowledge of how to survive without the conveniences of modern life, he dissolves into the woods, where he finds forgiveness and embraces life off the grid.

Then, once again, his life is upended …An impending solar storm threatens the earth, but governing bodies have opted to keep that information close to the vest. But their attempts fail.

Defending Hope: An EMP Survival Story Surviving The Shock Book 1

Will a man with no ties to him be the one who can save him or will they lose what little they have left? Haunted by his past and surrounded by evildoers, his resolve falters until an unlikely encounter gives him a new purpose. Amir lost everything. When darkness fell, it gave rise to the worst atrocities mankind had ever seen.

Now, one man stands between terrifying acts of violence and innocence. Thomas criver once kept the peace as a private security guard. After the world collapsed, he’s left carrying heavy burdens: help the unfortunate or barter his limited resources to live another day. When a kindred spirit arrives in the form of a broken man, a hint of hope comes with him, but that hope to survive the machinations of an evil tyrant run short as the clock ticks.


SHEDDING BOUNDARIES: an EMP survival story The Hidden Survivor Book 4

Spared the death penalty, glen and his companions have a second chance, but they must remain under the watchful eye of Arthur, the judge ordered to oversee their every move and root out the one called Melvin. Exposing melvin’s true identity will put them all at risk. Soon, he comes to see them for who they truly are.

That places him in a moral dilemma. Desperate to protect him and themselves, each claim the name and the responsibility for anything that may happen. Xander, a judge who’d rather see them dead, is vying for full control. When someone is murdered in their presence, glen and his companions know it’s only a matter of time before one of them is framed for the crime, Melvin’s secret is exposed, or worse, and they are once again sentenced to death.

Will, they survive this desperate struggle or will enemy forces prove to be too much to bear? Their willingness to band together to protect one of their own captures Arthur’s attention.

Defending Freedom: An EMP Survival Story Surviving The Shock Book 2

Following a daring rescue of thirteen children, an uncertain future awaits Thomas and Cheryl. Will their combined skills and experience be enough to stave off the danger or will it only build a temporary barrier as the enemy forces close in on them? Invading forces threaten their newfound sanctuary. A fight for freedom is inevitable.

A fight for their lives is unavoidable.

Defending Home: An EMP Survival Story Surviving The Shock Book 4

Many lives have been lost. The sick are exiled for the safety of the others. Will their quest for sanctuary lead them down the path of no return? But soon, they’ll discover that the virus isn’t the only danger they face. A deadly virus sparks fear within the community. Cheryl, thomas’ wife, is among those ravaged by the unknown disease.

Fearful she won’t survive on her own, Thomas leaves the community in search of a safe place to nurse her back to health.