Her Honorable Hero: Navy SEAL Team Black Dawn Book 7

This husband and wife always assumed their deep love had healed them from the traumatic events of that day, but one night of honesty reveals the deeper pain that had remained hidden. What couldn’t she tell him? He prays to God he finds out, so that he can keep his wife and daughter safe. As they delve into each other’s souls, Griff realizes Miranda has been holding back.

Three years ago, griff and miranda met on a train and their lives were changed forever when the train they were on crashed alongside the Pacific Ocean.

Her Captivated Hero: Navy SEAL Team Black Dawn Book 6

Confused by gray’s rejection, she concentrates on demolishing the virus that will kill thousands. When he finds out it's his woman who is assigned to one of the most dangerous missions his team has ever undertaken, and his inner caveman hits the roof, his protective instincts roar to life, as he tries to get her reassigned.

Tasked to crack the code on a deadly virus, Riya gladly signs up to join Gray’s Black Dawn Navy SEAL team to travel to the Middle East. As the terrorists close in, will he at least be able to convince her, will Gray be able to save Riya? If he can’t, that he loved her with his dying breath? Her Captivated Hero packs a punch and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t miss out, get your copy today. When he meets her, lieutenant gray Tyler showers her with care and attention, Navy SEAL, bringing color into her dull world. When is the price for love too high?scientist, riya patel has spent most of her life locked in classrooms or science labs. At last, she begins to feel that someone sees who she really is, and loves her anyway.

Gray is fiercely protective of those he loves.

Her Loving Hero: Navy SEAL Team Black Dawn Book 8

But before he can, emily’s young sister is embroiled in a terrorist plot in the Middle East, and Emily begs him to help her. Will wyatt be able to return in time to make sure that those he loves are safe? Can Wyatt be Emily’s loving hero? When navy seal, wyatt leeds sets his sites on this brave and beautiful woman, she begins to think that she might finally be able to build a future for herself.

Wyatt is convinced that Emily is the woman he has been searching for, now he just has to convince her. Can love triumph?emily hoag has been painfully hurt by life, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to build a new one back in the United States. As wyatt works with his teammate to keep Carly alive, a threat from his past lands at Emily’s feet back in the States.


Her Guarded Hero: Navy SEAL Team Black Dawn Book 5

Don’t miss out, one-click this story today. This book was previously part of the Love Under Siege Anthology Released In September 2018. Meanwhile dalton wrestles with demons from his past as Aurora becomes a beacon of hope that he knows he doesn’t deserve. Will dalton have to give up his life in order to save aurora? Will Aurora survive and prove to Dalton he can trust her with his heart? Her Guarded Hero will take you on an emotional, action-packed read that will leave you craving more.

As he treks through the forests surrounding Lake Tahoe shots ring out, and he watches in horror as a woman is thrown off her horse and lands unconscious at his feet. Aurora chance has no idea why someone wants her dead. Can he save her life? can she save his soul?Navy SEAL Dalton Sullivan, once again, seeks solace in the wilderness.

When dalton offers to keep her safe, she is pressured by her family to accept his help. As the danger intensifies, Dalton becomes her safe harbor.

Her Wicked Hero: Navy SEAL Team Black Dawn Book 4

She wanted to give up so many times but dammit, no matter what, she would survive this even if it almost killed her. Instinct told him that she was alive for the moment, but his blood turned to ice as soon as he found out the history of the man who had Marcia in his grip. She needed a heromarcia price realized she was in the hands of a monster as she was dragged deeper and deeper into the jungle.

The monster wasn’t just a sociopath, he’d been trained as a SEAL. And maybe, just maybe, the universe would send her a hero. He’ll move heaven & earthnavy seal, dante “zed” zaragoza knew Marcia’s fate was intertwined with his the moment he saw her photo. Zed and the black dawn seal team would need to move heaven and earth to bring Marcia out of there alive.

And that was only the beginning.

Her Passionate Hero: Navy SEAL Team Black Dawn Book 3

Her only refuge, was hunter Diaz, until the day he graduated and left her to deal with the tormentors herself. As she fights for her students to live the best lives they can, she is targeted by one of the most dangerous gangs in the city. Hunter expects to find the same awkward and fragile girl he once knew, instead he finds a beautiful and strong woman who is willing to risk anything for the children under her care.

Can he be her hero once again?hunter diaz, scraped and fought his way out of the gangs of East LA to serve honorably as a SEAL in the United States Navy. As hunter tries to rekindle the deep feelings they once had for one another, Aliana withdraws further into herself. He has become one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

When his adopted grandmother tells him his childhood sweetheart is in trouble back home, he returns to the place he vowed to leave firmly in the past. Aliana novak spent most of her school years being bullied. What happened to her while he was gone? Can Hunter break down her walls and prove to her he is still her knight in shining armor before she ends up dead?

Those horrific experiences molded her into what she is today and made her the perfect candidate for Vice Principal of one of the toughest schools in East LA.

Her Devoted HERO: Navy SEAL Team Black Dawn Book 2

Did i mention i have a kid, two jobs and really don’t look like this?I like the fact that you’re serving our country. Too bad she was also skittish as all hell. I can feel good that i’ve finally put myself out there, which I’ll fail at, without enduring the humiliation of a first date, because I’ll never in a million years figure out how to reach this level of pretty again.

See i can say this safely, cause you’re not going to respond, and I’m never going to meet you. So, that’s my story SailorBoy69. Dex fears that when she finds out his profile was a set-up, his happily ever after could sink to the bottom of the ocean. Single mother, Kenna Wright was in way over her head.

Of course in my world they’re like mythical unicorns, they just don’t exist, at least not for me. Hello sailorboy69, snmP stands for So Not Mary Poppins. Just know that out there in this big bad world a woman thinks you’re pretty exceptional, except for the atrocious cyber name you’ve given yourself of course.

My photo is me, but it’s pretty much a fake, since it took me two hours and twenty dollars worth of product to achieve the look. I like the fact, that you work with disenfranchised kids. But with a target on her back, it's really hard to keep a shield over her heart.

Her Steadfast HERO: Navy SEAL Team Black Dawn Book 1

Carys adams before it is too late? through all the turmoil will david and Sarah realize that their time has finally come and they were meant to be together?This is an extended version of the novella ‘Her Heart’s Protector’ from the box-set Cuffed and Claimed. These men will stop at nothing to leave the island.

Navy sealswhen the hospital is overrun by the most brutal of convicts and an American doctor is held for ransom, the Navy SEAL unit Black Dawn is called in. Earthquake!david sloane is one of the Army’s top investigators. Just as david comes face to face with the woman he’s never forgotten, he is tapped to lead a manhunt to capture the dangerous convicts that escaped during the earthquake.

Can david and Black Dawn rescue Dr. When a major earthquake hits the day he arrives all hell breaks loose. Lost lovein the midst of chaos, former army nurse Sarah Kyle arrives with Doctor Without Borders. Convinced that two of his own have been framed by the tiny island government of Las Flores, he’s determined to do what it takes to prove their innocence.

It is a prequel to ‘her adoring SEAL’ book 3 of the Midnight Delta Series.

Her Treasured SEAL Midnight Delta Book 10

She's determined to be as strong as her man and does not let him see how exhausted she is until it's almost too late. As karen and drake attempt to fulfill their promise to honor, cherish and love one another forever, powerful enemies have targeted them and the men of Midnight Delta. But will his enemies destroy their happiness?drake Avery has not gone out on a mission with his Navy SEAL team in months, instead he stayed by his woman's side as she fought for her life.

Now karen is home and recovering and it's time for Drake to go back to work. A wedding. Will this couple ever get their happily ever after or will they be on the run for the rest of their lives? Joining his team to stop the Boko Haram in Africa, Drake faces his ultimate challenge. Karen is happy to be home with her precious baby boy but she soon discovers that planning a wedding with a newborn is a lot harder than she ever imagined.

A baby.

Her Relentless SEAL Midnight Delta Book 9

Worse, she finds that the terror she'd experienced abroad, is still stalking her. The flame she thought had burned out months ago suddenly ignites. When he finds out she's missing, long-pent-up feelings come roaring to life, and he will stop at nothing to bring her home. A love worth fighting forevie finds herself face-to-face with a man she vowed to forget.

Now she's on the run in a foreign country, and has no idea why. No room for errornavy seal, had his reasons for turning his back on Evie all those months ago, Aiden O'Malley, but he hasn't been able to get her out of his mind. As the enemy closes in, aiden wonders if there enough of his battered soul to give to a woman who deserves the world.

Storming back to Tennessee, she is mad as hell when he follows her. On the run for her lifesmall-town girl Evie Avery's dream vacation has become her worst nightmare. If she can't have his heart, she wants him gone. She changed him, for better or worse. Aiden hounds evie's every step as he tries to keep her alive, but she doesn't care, it's not his protection she wants.


A SEAL's Vigilant Heart Midnight Delta Book 7

This hard-headed man will do anything to keep the woman he loves happy, even if it means giving up his dreams. A recommitmentsophia battles her way through her emotions and finally realizes what is causing her so much anguish. Even when mason comes home injured from a mission the couple forge ahead, knowing that their life together is only going to get better.

Dreams and doubts when sophia is plagued by nightmares that she can’t remember in the light of day, and Mason is sure it is because she can’t handle the stress of his dangerous job. But can she convince her white knight that what she needs is for him to be the man she fell in love with? A weddingmason gault and sophia Anderson are beyond happy that their wedding day is finally near.