Island of the Red Mangroves Caribbean Islands Saga Book 2

Despite deirdre's scandalous origin, the men of the island flock to the young beauty, but she shows no interest. Island of red mangroves is the follow-up to Sarah Lark's tumultuous novel, Island of a Thousand Springs. Jamaica, daughter of englishwoman, Nora Fortnam and slave Akwasi, 1753: Deirdre, lives a sheltered life on her family's plantation.

That is, until she is charmed by young doctor Victor Dufresne, who asks for her hand in marriage. After their lavish wedding ceremony, Victor and Deirdre embark to Saint-Domingue on the island of Hispaniola, where Deirdre can live without the burden of her mixed background. Her stepfather, Doug, has welcomed her into his life as his own.

But what happens there changes everything. Best-selling international author Sarah Lark delivers a gripping historical account of the social upheaval of the time set against the romantic Caribbean. For fans of kathleen grissom, alex haley, roots: the Saga of an American Family, The Kitchen House, and Sue Monk Kidd, The Invention of Wings.


Island of a Thousand Springs Caribbean Islands Saga Book 1

Surprisingly, her adult stepson Doug supports her in this endeavor when he arrives from Europe. However, his return also puts things into a state of turmoil - especially Nora's feelings. Just as nora seems to be settling into her role as lady of the house, one harrowing event rips everything from her but her life.

. For fans of kathleen grissom, the kitchen house, alex Haley, and Sue Monk Kidd, Roots: The Saga of an American Family, The Invention of Wings. But life in the Caribbean doesn't turn out as Nora had dreamt. Nora is deeply shocked by the way plantation owners treat the slaves and decides to shake things up on her own sugar cane plantation - for the better.

Hopeless, nora enters a marriage of convenience with Elias Fortnam, a widower and sugar planter in Jamaica. Despite their differing social class, the star-crossed lovers dream of a future on a tropical island - until tragedy strikes, and Nora must face a life without her soulmate. A gripping tale of love and hate, trust and betrayal, and a thrilling destiny set against the pristine beaches and swaying palmtrees of the tropics.

London, falls hopelessly in love with her father's clerk, 1732: Nora Reed, the daughter of a merchant, Simon. Even without simon, she is determined to somehow fulfill their tropical fantasy.

Flight of a Maori Goddess The Sea of Freedom Trilogy Book 3

Being part maori, and thoroughly independent, Atamarie is soon vilified by Richard’s conservative farm community, part white, forcing her to navigate the next step in a liberating life. Roberta fence, atamarie’s best friend, has just graduated from college. On a surveying trip she meets Richard Pearse, who shares her passion for aviation.

Sarah lark’s epic sea of Freedom trilogy reaches its sweeping conclusion in a story of courage, strength, and sisterhood. The dawning twentieth century brings change to New Zealand—and new opportunities for any woman bold enough to grasp them. And by reconciling ambition with the spirituality of her ancestors, Atamarie endeavors to make her dreams take flight at last.

Obsessed with charismatic, roberta follows him to South Africa, womanizing doctor Kevin Drury, where their work together in the brutal Boer concentration camps will change her—but not define her. Soon, atamarie and Roberta will discover that destiny lies closer to home. Atamarie turei, whose mother fought for suffrage, has enrolled as the first female student at the Canterbury College of Engineering.

There, family upheaval, each woman forges a path through star-crossed love, and a shifting social landscape.

A Hope at the End of the World

Without parents or a home, they are shipped to a refugee camp in Persia, where the days ahead hold only darkness. If helena can let go and dare to hope again, she may finally step out of the long shadow of her past to find a future made whole—a new community, a new family, a new love. In the chaos of world war II, Polish teenagers Helena and Luzyna Grabowski have lost everything.

. But the horrors of war—and her guilt at abandoning her sister—follow Helena on the journey across the sea, as a man from her past preys on her fear and remorse. Though the people in new zealand embrace her, the traumas Helena has suffered threaten her peace and blind her to the devotion of James, a charming, heroic young Allied pilot.

When they hear that orphans are being selected for relocation to New Zealand, Helena is filled with hope—until the officials say they have a place only for her younger sister. On the morning she is to be transported, Luzyna fails to join the chosen group, and Helena takes her place.

Toward the Sea of Freedom The Sea of Freedom Trilogy Book 1

As time passes and their new lives march on, they long for those stolen moments in the lush green fields of their native land. And they both still dream of escape, with no idea of how close fate will eventually bring them. Imagining a life beyond the kitchen and fields of the wealthy family they both work for, they plot to leave their homeland, marry, and raise the child Kathleen is secretly carrying.

In mid-nineteenth-century Ireland, charming Kathleen and dashing Michael harbor secrets and dreams. Kathleen is forced to marry against her will and immigrate to New Zealand. Michael is imprisoned for rebellion and exiled to Australia. The luck of the Irish, however, is not on their side. Soon, they find themselves swept up in circumstances they never could have fathomed.


Beneath the Kauri Tree The Sea of Freedom Trilogy Book 2

Scarred by poverty and hoping to make a new life for herself in this strange and forbidding land, Violet Paisley is the middle child of a poor Welsh coal-mining family. Drawn together by their shared commitment to social change, and tested by traumas that neither of them could foresee, these two independent-minded women will find themselves thrust onto the front lines of the fight for equal rights and racial justice.

But when the tide of change rolls in, it threatens to engulf two young women from very different backgrounds, who are coming of age amid the tumult. Torn between the two worlds that make up her heritage, Matariki Drury is the daughter of a successful white businesswoman and a descendant of Maori royalty.

. From the author of toward the sea of freedom comes a novel of the triumphs, tragedies, and courage of two women bravely changing the tide of history…As the nineteenth century draws to a close, the struggle for women’s suffrage has finally reached New Zealand. To win their place in this world, they must learn to rise above their personal pain and choose a path of reconciliation rather than retribution.


Call of the Kiwi In the Land of the Long White Cloud saga Book 3

Wrenched from her beloved homeland and struggling to fit in with the stifling strictures of British boarding-school life, Gloria has never felt more alone. The great-granddaughter of gwyneira mckenzie—who arrived in new zealand as a naïve young bride in In the Land of the Long White Cloud—Gloria Martyn has enjoyed an idyllic childhood at Kiward Station, her family’s sprawling sheep farm in the Canterbury Plains.

Upon discovering that her parents have no intention of ever sending her home, Gloria takes matters into her own hands and sets off on an adventure that will change her forever. In the exhilarating conclusion to the internationally bestselling In the Land of the Long White Cloud trilogy, the spirited Warden and McKenzie clan continues its trials—and triumphs—in New Zealand and beyond.

When her parents send word from europe that it’s time for gloria to become a proper “lady” by attending boarding school half a world away in England, Gloria must leave everything and everyone she loves most in the world, including her steadfast protector Jack McKenzie. A stirring coming-of-age tale of love, across australia’s northern territory and beyond, loss, shame, and redemption that takes readers from the lush plains of New Zealand’s South Island to the bloody shores of Gallipoli, endurance, Call of the Kiwi is a profoundly satisfying conclusion to the saga that has captured readers’ hearts across the globe.


Song of the Spirits In the Land of the Long White Cloud saga Book 2

Only to have her heart broken when her sensual half-Maori cousin Kura Warden arrives for a visit and draws William away. When william martyn, walks into her life, a handsome young Irishman of questionable integrity, she succumbs rapidly to his charms. Volume 2 in the internationally bestselling in the land of the long white Cloud sagaSong of the Spirits continues the soaring saga begun with In the Land of the Long White Cloud, romance, as the founding families of colonial New Zealand experience trials and triumphs of friendship, and unforgettable adventure.

Elaine o’keefe is the radiant grand-daughter of gwyneira McKenzie, who made her way to New Zealand to take a wealthy sheep baron’s hand in marriage in In the Land of the Long White Cloud. Tested by the harsh realities of colonial life, friendship, both girls mature into spirited young women with a greater understanding of the challenges—and joys—of love, and family.

Elaine inherited not only her grandmother’s red hair but also her feisty spirit, big heart, and love of the land. Though both young women must endure hardships and disappointments as they learn to live with the choices they make, each of them also discovers an inner resilience—and eventually finds love and happiness in new, unexpected places.


Island of Whispering Winds

From prisoners to the privileged, everyone on board is cast into the sea, and only two young women survive: Amelia Divine and Sarah Jones. Her heart-warming and carefully crafted books have been published in ten countries and are bestsellers in Germany. She lives with her family in Adelaide and has written fourteen novels set in Australia.

A twisting tale of deception and consequence, Island of Whispering Winds whisks you away to the fantastic Australian countryside, while Sarah and Amelia find themselves. Just how far will sarah go? will amelia ever learn who she really is?Australia, 1845: On the way to Kangaroo Island, a passenger ship strikes a hidden reef in a storm and sinks.

With an eye for detail, river of fortune, flight of the Jabiru, and Staircase to the Moon, Elizabeth Haran is the author of numerous other romantic adventures including Under a Flaming Sky, available as eBooks. For fans of sagas set against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes, Island of a Thousand Springs or Kate Morton's, like Sarah Lark's, The Forgotten Garden.

About the authorelizabeth Haran was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and migrated to Australia as a child. Using her companion's ill fate to her advantage, Sarah jumps at the chance to change her identity and to escape her own grim future. Just when it looks like they are about to get rescued, Amelia suffers a bad head injury and loses her memory.

From impossible love to heartbreaking misfortune, the ripple effect of that fateful day will follow both women in ways Sarah had never imagined.

In the Land of the Long White Cloud In the Land of the Long White Cloud saga Book 1

But when a mysterious new zealand baron deals her father an unlucky blackjack hand, Gwyn’s hand in marriage is suddenly on the table. When her church offers to pay her travels under an unusual arrangement, she jumps at the opportunity. Meanwhile, beautiful and daring Gwyneira Silkham, daughter of a wealthy sheep breeder, not far away in Wales, is bored with high society.

Her family is outraged, but Gwyn is thrilled to escape the life laid out for her. The two women meet on the ship to Christchurch—Helen traveling in steerage, Gwyn first class—and become unlikely friends. Then she spots an advertisement seeking young women to marry New Zealand’s honorable bachelors and begins an affectionate correspondence with a gentleman farmer.

. When their new husbands turn out to be very different than expected, the women must help one another find the life—and love—they’d hoped for. Set against the backdrop of colonial nineteenth-century New Zealand, romance, In the Land of the Long White Cloud is a soaring saga of friendship, and unforgettable adventure.

Helen davenport, longs for a family of her own—but nearing her late twenties, governess for a wealthy London household, she knows her prospects are dim.

River of Fortune

But between ill intrigue and impossible odds, can they ever be together? Perhaps the most shattering secret of all is the one that Francesca's father has kept from her for all these years. A tale of self-discovery against the odds, River of Fortune will take you on a journey of shattering deception and heart-warming redemption.

The twisting and mysterious saga of a young woman in Australia in 1883: Francesca Callaghan returns to the river port of Echuca to help her father, Joe, who runs a paddle steamer. But when silas sets his eyes upon young Francesca, his devious antics sink to a new low. His arrogant competitor, tries to drive him out of business, Silas Hepburn, and it's starting to look like he may succeed.

She falls hard for Monty, a charming river captain. Her heart-warming and carefully crafted books have been published in ten countries and are bestsellers in Germany. With an eye for detail, elizabeth haran is the author of numerous other romantic adventures including Under a Flaming Sky, and Staircase to the Moon, Island of Whispering Winds, Flight of the Jabiru, available as eBooks.

For fans of sagas set against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes, like Sarah Lark's, Island of a Thousand Springs or Rebecca Morton's, The Forgotten Garden. About the authorelizabeth Haran was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and migrated to Australia as a child. Francesca, now a pawn in the family business, cannot deny her own romantic feelings.