Laundry Man

It is partly based on the crimes committed by american serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and those committed by the Belgian-Hungarian Pastor Andras Pandy, in combination with the dangers that occur on different chat sites on the internet Shrink-wrapped. Laundry man is the story about a rather clumsy serial killer.


Masked Multilator

Mean" gene okerlund Interviews Tom Taylor. Slice the pretty boy - Interview with Actor/FX Artist Paul Sutt. Don't believe that, folks - Interview with Co-Writer/Executive Producer Dale Schneck. Outside the squared circle waits the ultimate ring of Hell! In 1994, a production team in Eastern Pennsylvania brought together a group of local pro wrestlers and young actors to make a horror-action film.

Scissors, tape & paste - interview with Co-Writer/Co-Executive Producer Ed Polgardy. A quarter of a century later, the movie was finally finished: After accidentally killing an opponent in the ring, a professional wrestler takes a job at a group home for youth offenders. Audio commentary with cast & crew dale schneck, Paul Sutt, Tom Taylor, Steve Mittman and Jim "The Tank" Dorsey.

Wwe and stampede veteran Brick Bronsky SGT. Audition Tapes. Special features: you see Me Sweatin'? - Interview with Actor Tom Taylor. Directed by bronsky and completed from the original 16mm footage stored in the Executive Producer's basement for the past 25 years. But when a psychopath wearing a wrestling mask begins butchering the teenage residents, their rehabilitation will become a no-holds-barred battle for survival.

Kabukiman n. Y.

Silk Scream

Two unlikely heroes team up to solve an ongoing killing spree targeting clients and coworkers of a t-shirt printing business.

Watch Me Die

What is real and what is fake? Nothing is certain until the blood starts to flow. In this found-footage horror movie, a nameless serial killer prowls the sets of sleazy exploitation movies in search of his latest female victim. Each gruesome act of torture and murder that follows is captured up-close, on the killer's video camera -- the blood-soaked footage of a psychopath's snuff film.

. Shrink-wrapped. As the killer finds himself tormented by increasingly complex feelings towards the sexy women he murders, the lines begin to blur between killer and victim, viewer and viewed, reality and illusion.

Cabin Fear

Shrink-wrapped. A group of friends is stalked by a killer at an isolated destination wedding.

Spaceship Terror

Shrink-wrapped. Marooned on a deserted planet, and picked up by an old derelict spaceship, six unwitting travelers find themselves enslaved in a torture filled blood lust that will take you on a white knuckle ride into hell. Feel the terror, and ride along if you dare as they slowly fall victim to the horrific appetite of a deranged killer sporting an insane blood lust unmatched in an unforgiving universe.

Bonus features include: building the sets for spaceship terror, behind the Scenes Featurette One, Space Themed Motion Menu, Behind the Scenes Featurette Two, Making the Music for Spaceship Terror, Official Movie Trailer Shrink-wrapped. Open your mind to a horrifying world of cat and mouse as five women and one injured man find terror beyond their wildest nightmares.


Don't F*** in the Woods

Shrink-wrapped. As the group begins to unwind, something in the dark has discovered a new and intoxicating scene, and a thirst that can’t be quenched! Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. After the stress and mental anguish of finals, Alex and her girlfriend Jane trek with a few friends into the woods for a little rest and relaxation.



Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. In the rural town of wickenhaven, innocent girls, a psychotic tanning salon owner is responsible for the disappearances of many young, an exotic purse designer, while his wife, is willing to overlook his evil nature.


Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Two brothers posing as paramedics kidnap their victims and harvest their organs for the black market. That is until they kidnap a woman they find impossible to kill and it turns out she has more power over them than they over her. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Gore Whore

When a lab assistant steals an important formula and all its documentation from Dr. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. When barr digs deeper into the case he finds the lab assistant is actually a dead street whore and the formula is a reanimation agent that, is keeping her alive! In trying to retrieve the formula, with the consumption of human blood, Chase is given a rollercoaster ride through hell as the whore reanimates corpses to attack him and help her hold onto the formula.

Whitman, chase barr, he hires a bottom-of-the-barrel private eye, to locate it. Shrink-wrapped.

Strip Club Massacre

After losing her boyfriend, and her home, her job, 20-something Megan must take a job at a gentlemen's club. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Things go violently awry, forcing her to determine who her real friends are, and faced with the ultimate job of revenge! Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.