Learning from Longhorns

The longhorn is identified with the fiercely independent cowboy character, both being colorful resourceful survivors. Used book in Good Condition. With wit and folk wisdom in the tradition of the cattle drover, lester Galbreath offers these ruminations on the breed and insight gained from the vantage point of his thirty-five years of service as the park ranger who wrangles the Texas State Longhorn herd headquartered at Fort Griffin State Park in Shackelford County, Texas.

The story of the texas longhorn, that sinewy and headstrong beast of legend, is foundational to the history of the cattle country of the American West.

The Longhorns

Frank dobie was a tale spinner who appreciated the proper place of legend and folklore in history. These wiry, arctic blizzards, intractable beasts were themselves pioneers in a harsh land, grass, moving elementally with drouth, and burning winds. In the longhorns, insolence, he tells of the spanish conquistadors, whose abandon, who brought their cattle with them; of ranching in the turbulent colonial times; of the cowboy, energy, and pride epitomized the booming West.

The texas longhorn made more history than any other breed of cattle the world has known. He writes of terrifying stampedes, titantic bull fights on the range, ghost steers, and encounters with Indians. J. A tireless prospector of the history and legends of the Southwest, Dobie spent most of his life preparing to write this book.

He was born in the texas brush country where the Longhorns made their last stand; he back-trailed them into Mexico; he pursued the vivid lore of Texas cowboys and Mexican vaqueros. Their story is the bedrock on which the history of the cow country of America is founded. No historian or naturalist has ever so related an animal to the land, its people, and its history.


The Texas Longhorn: Relic of the Past, Asset for the Future

Forest service officials, several ranchers, and even a folklorist—J. This brief and entertaining history of the Texas Longhorn details the development of the first distinct American breed of beef cattle. Frank dobie—gathered the animals for breeding and successfully managed the small herds until they stabilized and began to increase.

The spanish herds that had roamed texas for generations, when mixed with English Longhorns brought by Anglo settlers in the early 1800s, yielded a rangy hybrid that could thrive in Texas’ climate and was ideally suited to ranchers’ aspirations. Some U. S. Almost extinct by the turn of the century, the Texas Longhorn was preserved by the efforts of just a few people who recalled with fondness the days when the cattle had thundered on the trails.

The texas longhorn breeders association of america was formed in 1964 to preserve and promote the breed, and a growing interest in improving health by eating leaner meat has spurred renewed interest in the lean Longhorn as more than just a nostalgic novelty. Used book in Good Condition.

The Longhorns

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