Montana SEAL Brotherhood Protectors Book 1

What hank learns is the bullet was meant for the neighboring ranch owner, a Hollywood celebrity, and a beautiful actress who once stole Hank’s heart. News that his father was shot sends him rushing home to take over the reins of the Bear Creek Ranch. His forever-belligerent father refuses his help, insisting Hank find the person who shot him.

Escaping to her ranch in Montana, Sadie hopes to avoid her stalker, only to be hunted there as well. In need of a bodyguard with combat skills, Sadie hires her old flame, Hank to do the job. Former seal and shining hollywood starlet struggle against their burgeoning desire while trying to stay alive in the crosshairs of a murderous stalker.

Hank “montana” patterson never thought his call to duty would force him to leave his band of brothers in the Navy SEALs to return to the family ranch in the foothills of Montana’s Crazy Mountains. Together they struggle to overcome their rekindled desire while fighting to stay alive in the crosshairs of a madman.

Hometown girl, now a hollywood mega-star, sadie McClain shot to fame and fortune on the big screen, earning her star on the walk of fame and a stalker who won’t back off.

Bride Protector SEAL Brotherhood Protectors Book 2

Since desk jobs aren’t what he’s cut out for, he checks on the pet project of one of his former teammates—Brotherhood Protectors. Perhaps she’s marrying the wrong man for the wrong reasons. Together, they traverse a dangerous journey to get Allie to the church on time…and alive. After several near misses, Allie reluctantly allows her fiancé to hire one of her brother’s bodyguards.

He’s rich, he’s handsome and mysterious—everything a woman should want. Until his secrets threaten her life. With younger blood pushing to take over for the older guys, and an injury that marks him for discharge, he takes the plunge into the civilian world. Right. Providing personal security to rich people sounds like a walk in the park compared to where he’s been.

Prospective bride, Allie Patterson, thinks she’s marrying the man of her dreams. But her brother’s gruff friend can’t possibly be Mr. Ten years in the navy, most with the elite brotherhood of SEALs, Axel Svenson “Swede” has dodged so many bullets, he knows his luck will someday run out. The big, sexy, tatooed seal assigned to protect her is the kind of guy women drool over, and makes Allie question her decisions.


Montana D-Force Brotherhood Protectors Book 3

Mia chastain grew up in Eagle Rock, Montana. They forge an unlikely bond in an effort to keep her safe as the secrets of her past come back to haunt her and threaten to destroy the life she’s built. He hopes to keep those scars undercover and get on with his life and his job, with no one the wiser. When her old school friend suggests she hire a bodyguard, with the help of a strong, determined to stay the course, she jumps on the idea, ruggedly handsome guardian.

A secret she’s kept buried for a very long time makes her fearful of facing her homecoming alone. Medically discharged from the army, former Delta-Force soldier, Tate “Bear” Parker, now works for Brotherhood Protectors as a bodyguard. Now a successful screenwriter, she’s hit a brick wall writing a movie script about a young woman struggling to come to grips with her life in the aftermath of a brutal attack.

Mia returns to her hometown to face her own demons and write the script she knows she must. In the performance of his protective service, the damaged soldier falls under the spell of the shy screenwriter. Gruff but outgoing, his in-your-face cheerful exterior hides wounds invisible from the outside.

Montana Ranger Brotherhood Protectors Book 5

Finally in a position for a little romance, she suffers a set back when strange accidents nearly get her killed. Her lagging libido gets a kickstart when a sexy new patient starts following her, always there when she turns around. First assignment: undercover protection of a pretty physical therapist on a veteran's rehab ranch.

She’s attracted to the man! together they struggle to determine who wants to hurt her and why, while fighting the growing attraction they are helpless to resist. Living her dream job, Hannah Kendricks helps wounded warriors and abused horses at a rehab ranch for veterans. Accepting his offer to protect her, Hannah encounters a new problem.

A former army ranger’s first civilian assignment is to protect a spunky physical therapist from an unknown threat at a rehab ranch for disabled veterans Forced into medical retirement, Army Ranger Alex “Taz” Davila takes a job in the wilds of Montana with the Brotherhood Protectors. Before long, she realizes he’s the only thing standing between her and whoever is after her.


Cowboy D-Force Brotherhood Protectors Book 4

After fighting terrorists in the Middle East, Duke assumes this assignment will be a walk in the park. Angel carson, lovingly known as “The Angel of Death”, is a woman with a death wish. When miss love is threatened, angel steps in as bait to draw out the stalker on the diva’s 6, 000-acre ranch in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains.

First assignment, protect film star and diva Lena Love from a stalker leaving her threatening messages. Her main claim to fame is her uncanny resemblance to Lena Love. In forced proximity, tempers and passions ignite, leaving Duke and Angel struggling to resist an irresistible attraction while alluding the stalker’s predatory game.

When the stalker becomes the predator, the power of Delta Force brotherhood becomes a force to reckon with. Note: this book was previously published in Kindle Worlds. As the stalker closes in, she reluctantly accepts Duke’s help to stay alive. Prior military, she’s seen combat, lost friends and now works as the stunt woman for the mega-star.

Former d-force bodyguard, john wayne “duke” morrison is back in his home state of Montana, protects mega-star’s body double from a predatory stalker’s deadly hunting gameFresh out of the military, starting a new job in the Brotherhood Protectors security service. Unable to tell duke she isn’t the real Lena, Angel must perform like a diva.

To cover angel’s back, lena has engaged a bodyguard to watch her six and be there when the stalker reveals himself.

Montana Dog Soldier Brotherhood Protectors Book 6

Discovered by former military service dog Six and his owner, Molly is taken to the owner’s cabin where he administers first aid. Now targeted by the faction, Molly is in danger. Kujo accepts a job with brotherhood Protectors in the Crazy Mountains of Montana, hoping to find new purpose and come to terms with his losses.

. Kujo informs his new boss of the situation and is assigned as Molly’s protector until the team can neutralize the source of the threat. Booted from the army after sustaining a shrapnel injury that left him with a limp, Joseph “Kujo” Kuntz is angry with himself and the world, and forced to start over with the injured military dog “Six” that saved his life.

Determined to complete her mission, Molly accepts Kujo and Six’s protection and discovers an electric connection to the cantankerous former soldier. Following a lead that an isis faction is near Eagle Rock, training to launch terrorist attacks, Montana, FBI agent Molly Greenbriar thinks she's on wild goose chase.

Together they struggle to locate the faction while fighting their burgeoning desire. While operating a drone, pretending to be a photographer for a GPS mapping company, she’s attacked in the mountains and left for dead.

Montana SEAL Daddy Brotherhood Protectors Book 7

A year later, with a baby girl to protect, still pining for what could have been, Daphne’s safe house is compromised. In an attempt to evade the people trying to kill her to keep her from being a star witness in a big court case, she heads to Montana to find the only person she knows can help, the baby’s father.

Determined to put his desire for Daphne on the back burner, Boomer focuses his skills and cunning on keeping her alive long enough to testify. Determined to forget the girl and maybe even try for a real life and start a family, he embraces his new life. Former navy seal enters the fight of his life to protect the mother of his child from killers who wish to silence her testimony in a murder caseAfter the sudden disappearance of the amazing woman he fell for on vacation in Cozumel and nearly losing his own life on a politically volatile mission in Syria, Brandon Rayne “Boomer” leaves the SEAL brotherhood and signs on with the private security agency Brotherhood Protectors in Montana.

Forced into witness protection, she doesn’t realize she’s pregnant, the product of the hot fling with the sexy SEAL. On the verge of committing her heart and life to him, she becomes the unwitting witness to murder. Together, they vow to protect baby Maya from being used as a pawn to control the outcome of a critical court case.

While on vacation in cozumel, Daphne Miller fell in love with a handsome SEAL.

Montana Ranger's Wedding Vow Brotherhood Protectors Book 8

Together, they make a formidable team that might just make it to the altar intact. A fight with her physical therapist at Walter Reed lands her at the Brighter Days Rehab Ranch in Montana with an offer to join the Brotherhood Protectors. Retired delta force soldier, vince “viper” Van Cleave, did his time in the Army but hasn't managed to fit into the civilian world.

. What can an expert sniper do with his life when not shooting at enemy combatants? A widower, his first assignment is to masquerade as the groom of a former Army Ranger female and stage a wedding to smoke out a wedding saboteur. Hot delta force cowboy and sexy female army ranger plan a wedding to trap a saboteurDallas Hayes muscled her way through Army Ranger training only to be considered a curse on her all-male unit in an operation in Syria.

When half the team is killed, she’s left Injured, losing the lower portion of her leg and is medically discharged from the life she loved in the Army.

Montana SEAL Undercover Daddy Brotherhood Protectors Book 9

Plans have a way of changing, and some families find each other. Since then, he retired from the Navy, worked for the DEA and now works for the Brotherhood Protectors. She’s on track to realize all of her dreams, until her sister disappears, leaving her little girl on Kate’s doorstep. The lively three-year-old teaches Kate how to open her heart to the possibilities.

His challenge is to do so without losing his heart in the process. Kate turns to the Brotherhood Protectors for a bodyguard with daddy skills. Normally awkward with children, Kate has a lot to learn about childrearing and cuddles. But someone wants to find Kate’s sister, and is willing to use the child to lure her out of hiding.

Chuck johnson lost his family in a car crash when his daughter was only 2 years old. Jilted at 27, kate phillips focused on her career and left marriage and children to her twin sister. His mission is to keep the feisty, career-minded beauty and little girl safe while his team locates the sister. He never intends on marrying again or having a family.


Montana SEAL Friendly Fire Brotherhood Protectors Book 11

Before his friend died, he’d promised him he’d take care of his wife, should anything happen to him. Trevor anderson gave up his life as a Navy SEAL when he lost his best friend in an ambush. Trevor left the navy and returned to his home state of Montana to follow through on that promise. She finds an entirely different kind of hotness in her relationship with her husband's best friend.

Trevor proposes that Lana move to Montana where he can look after her. Widow of a navy seal, lana works for Homeland Security, searching for answers behind her husband’s death. When she gets too close to the truth, she calls on her husband’s best friend for help. She takes him up on the offer, hoping that hiding in the Big Sky state will cool the heat.

. While their passions ignite, her investigation catches up to her, threatening to raze the walls she's built around her heart.

Cape Cod SEAL Rescue Brotherhood Protectors Book 10

Grieving navy seal widower, john decker, commemorating the two-year anniversary of the day he lived and his wife died, is dragged back into life by a riptide and a blonde he can't get out of his thoughts. Fourteen years later, she's still afraid to date and be intimate with a man, the scars of her past overriding the happiness she craves.

. Tides change when she witnesses a suicidal widower diving headfirst into a riptide. Decker and roxi struggle to stay afloat through the wreckage of their pasts and the storms of the present to sail into a future together. Note: this book was previously published as Love On The Rocks, but has since been edited and contains new content.

Though she's an independent owner of a thriving beach bar, she has yet to find success in love. Plagued with survivor's guilt, he's reluctant to enter a new relationship, until he meets a feisty bartender with attitude and curves to go with it. Roxi lanier was the typical young teen in the city, full of life and bulletproof, happy, until she became the victim of a violent crime.

Her mother moved her to Wellfleet on Cape Cod, away from the scene of her misfortune to start over.