New Orleans Classic Celebrations Classics

It's our way of doing just about anything. Perfect for gatherings, mardi gras, and more, musings, along with photographs, holidays, this gorgeous cookbook offers more than fifty festive recipes from famous New Orleans restaurants, Jazz Fest, history, and stories. Used book in Good Condition. These classic crescent City celebration recipes are knockouts for the eye and the taste buds.

New orleans celebrates better than any other city.

New Orleans Classic Gumbos and Soups Classic Recipes Series

Used book in Good Condition. Gourmet magazine's february 2009 cookbook club selection. From fish to fowl and broths to bisques, a touch of history, each recipe is accompanied by a New Orleans anecdote, and gorgeous photography. A guide to the unique tastes of New Orleans' world-renowned gumbos and soups. Award-winning culinary enthusiast Kit Wohl continues her celebration of New Orleans style and taste with dozens of signature gumbo and soup recipes.

Featured alternate for the good cook book club. From arnaud's oysters stewed in cream to chef john folse's smoked Wood Duck and Andouille Gumbo, John Besh, including Leah Chase, Wohl collects the secrets from the Crescent City's most famous restaurants and chefs, and Kevin Vizard.

New Orleans Classic Creole Recipes Classics

Tantalizing photographs, fascinating histories, entrées, soups, and rollicking stories add rich seasoning to these appetizers, and desserts. A melting pot of New Orleans' diverse flavors, cultures, and history. New orleans' most famous creole restaurants, including Antoine's, Brennan's, Arnaud's, Galatoire's, and Mr.

Savor creole specialties such as trout Meunière, Chicken Bon Femme, Crab Meat Au Gratin, and much more with this gorgeous volume. French, spanish, among others, and Caribbean cuisines, have contributed their culinary DNA to these savory meals. B's bistro, offer more than fifty authentic Creole dishes bursting with the city's benchmark flavors.

. Used book in Good Condition. Create these tastes at home with clear and easy-to-follow recipes.

New Orleans Classic Seafood Classic Recipes Series

Used book in Good Condition. Famous for its culinary delights and the pride it takes in its diverse cooking heritage, this is a city of food and a city for food lovers. In addition to dishes from today's best chefs, Wohl has added classic restaurants and establishments no longer with us. Used book in Good Condition.

The inclusion of these establishments demonstrates how influential they have been and how favorite recipes continue to permeate today's menus, not only in New Orleans, but throughout the country. So, it makes perfect sense that new orleanians, known for living in and savoring the moment, would glean such a multitude of delicious recipes enjoyed at thousands of dinner tables each night.

In new orleans, it's often been said that people don't eat to live; they live to eat. This gorgeously photographed book celebrates the city's renowned seafood and shares how to make these great recipes. The 45 recipes compiled feature signature dishes, stories, and photographs to make cooking New Orleans-style just what dining New Orleans-style has always been-an unforgettable, accompanied by history, unmatchable experience.


New Orleans Classic Appetizers Classic Recipes Series

Used book in Good Condition. Classic recipes such as antoine's crabmeat imperial, cochon's watermelon Rind Pickles, and Restaurant Cuv�e's Shrimp Remoulade Napoleon accompany some new favorites such as Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House Oyster Shooters and Restaurant August's Honey Island Chanterelle Tart.

This gift cookbook is a compilation of favorite hors d'oeuvres from renowned New Orleans restaurants and chefs. Beautiful photographs accompanied by musings run concurrent with recipes from some of New Orleans' finest restaurants and most-skilled chefs. A collection of appetizers from the world's favorite city for food.

Used book in Good Condition.

New Orleans Classic Brunches Classics Series

Especially the world's Largest Jazz Brunch during the annual spring French Quarter Festival. Tips, culinary escapades, techniques, and inspirations from these masters accompany the recipes. Of course, there's a difference between what a professional makes and what you create in your own kitchen. From highfalutin to down home, they create the greatest neighborhood food in America.

The chefs comprise an honor roll of New Orleans' best. We want you to be happy, look good, and easily duplicate a spectacular recipe from a famous restaurant or chef. If you know what it means to miss New Orleans, this cookbook is for you. Used book in Good Condition. However, these recipes aren't written for the professional--although theymightmake you look like one.

We know this to be true--that's a promise. Be it café au lait and beignets, Eggs Benedict, or calas, Creole cream cheese, the meal is a close-up of magical customs. Used book in Good Condition. Each recipe has been home-kitchen tested. More than fifty recipes and additional eye-openers from the city's legendary and quirky restaurants and chefs, Antoine's, Arnaud's, such as Brennan's, Dooky Chase's, Commander's Palace, and Mr.

If you've never been here, plan a visit soon, and prepare a meal you've only dreamed about.

Cooking Up A Storm: Recipes Lost and found from the Times-Picayune of New Orleans

After hurricane katrina tore through new orleans in 2005, cooking Up a Storm was published to tell the story—recipe by recipe—of one of the great food cities of the world and the determination of its citizens to preserve and safeguard their culinary legacy. Used book in Good Condition. Chronicle Books.

Ten years later, the city is back in business and this hardcover edition of the original cookbook is here to celebrate the community's rebirth by reminding us of the great recipes that belong only to the city of New Orleans, but are beloved by us all. Used book in Good Condition.

The Best of New Orleans Best of ... S

Each recipe includes advice on special cooking techniques, and a glossary describes and defines everything from filé powder to cayenne, grillade to courtbouillon. Chronicle Books. Color photographs of the finished dishes and of New Orleans itself capture the joie de vivre of this most irresistible of cuisines.

A mingling of french, spanish, and native American influences has created the unique culture of New Orleans, African, Caribbean, from Mardi Gras to the blues. Step into any cajun or creole kitchen and you will experience an extraordinary blend of Old World and New. In the best of new orleans, food expert Brooke Dojny has selected the finest dishes of south Louisiana in their most classic guises.

Used book in Good Condition. And like the city itself, creative mix, the cuisine of New Orleans is an exuberant, evoking the legacy of three continents. From a base of french culinary principles, come thick spicy gumbos and jambalayas, fiery andouille sausages, barbecued and blackened seafood, enlivened by a dash of American ingenuity, superb Sweet Potato Pie and luscious Bananas Foster.

Used book in Good Condition.

New Orleans Classic Cocktails Classics

These classic big Easy cocktail recipes are knockouts for the eye and the taste buds. Chronicle Books. From absinthe cocktails to sazeracs, musings, this spirited drinks guide offers more than sixty recipes from famous New Orleans restaurants, along with stunning photographs, clubs and mixologists, history, and stories.

Used book in Good Condition. It is the sixth book in Wohl's acclaimed Classic series. Used book in Good Condition.

New Orleans Classic Desserts: Recipes from Favorite Restaurants

Quintessential desserts from America's favorite food city. This gift cookbook is a collection of favorite delights from world-renowned New Orleans restaurants and chefs. Selections include bread pudding from bon ton café, crème caramel from galatoire's, cherries jubilee from Broussard's, bananas Foster from Brennan's, turtle cookies from the once-ubiquitous McKenzie's bakeries, pecan pie from Camelia Grill, sweet potato pie from Dooky Chase, crème brûlée from Arnaud's, pralines from the Poor Clares, and banana cream pie from Emeril's.

Chronicle Books. The 45 recipes compiled include examples of signature New Orleans dishes invented or raised to their highest level in this city. Legends, and musings accompany each recipe, lore, topped off with delicious photographs. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.