Pancakes for Findus Findus and Pettson

Pettson wants to bake a birthday cake for Findus, who has three birthdays a year. Pancakes for findus was the london sunday Times “Children’s Book of the Week” in December 2007. Ages 4-8 Hawthorn Press. Pancakes for findus is the first story in the adventures of farmer Pettson and his cat Findus. Their fascinating, magical world is inhabited by tiny creatures who move Pettson's things about when he isn't looking.

But how will they get the eggs with the bull in the way? Findus and Pettson live in a ramshackle cottage in the country, workshop, with a henhouse, and woodshed.

When Findus Was Little and Disappeared Findus and Pettson

Tell me about when I disappeared, ” said Findus. You’re sitting right here. Yes, but―when I was little. Oh then. Findus and pettson live in a red farmhouse, and toolshed set among the forests, workshop, fields, with a henhouse, and meadows of rural Sweden. Every picture tells a story, with a fascinating, magical world of tiny creatures.

. You haven’t disappeared, ” said Pettson. Farmer pettson sat doing the crossword, with Findus the cat on his knee. But you’ve heard the story so often before. But tell it to me anyway!” So here is the story of when Findus was little and disappeared. Children aged 4 and up and early years educators sven nordqvist's other book, Pancakes for Findus, was the London Sunday Times “Children’s Book of the Week” in December 2007.

Hawthorn Press.

Findus at Christmas Findus and Pettson

Hawthorn Press. How can they celebrate christmas now―with no tree, Findus and Pettson are close to giving up, meatballs or gingerbread? For all their resourcefulness, ham, when suddenly there is a knock on the door. It is the day before christmas Eve and there is lots to do but disaster strikes when Pettson sprains his ankle.

A wonderful tale of kindness and sharing, about how Christmas can bring out the best in people―and in cats, naturally! Ages 3–7 Hawthorn Press.

Findus Goes Camping Findus and Pettson

That’s not exactly how things turn out. That’s a tent, ” Petterson said. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Old man petterson was looking for a bag of fishing floats in the attic. Why do you have such dangerous sausages lying about in the attic?” scolded Findus. Findus jumped on a large green canvas sausage, which bounced him downstairs.

But findus, petterson, and the hens try camping―in the garden. Used book in Good Condition. He started to dream how much fun it would be to camp by the lake and grill fish over the fire as the sun set.

Findus and the Fox

Ages 5–8 Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. But farmer pettson and his quirky cat Findus agree that foxes should not be killed―they should be tricked. Farmer pettson and findus come up with an unforgettable plan that leads to an explosive, unforgettable night. Used book in Good Condition. There's a hen-hunting fox on the loose.


Findus Plants Meatballs

It was a beautiful spring morning. Hawthorn Press. However, keeping the vegetable garden safe from the farm animals proves a hard task for Findus and Pettson. Hawthorn Press. The birds were singing, filling the air with the gentle buzzing, the grass was growing and small creatures were busy everywhere, rustling song of life returning after winter.

. Farmer pettson begins to sow his vegetables and because Findus does't like vegetables he decides to plant one of his meatballs instead. Hawthorn Press. Used book in Good Condition. Hawthorn Press.

Findus Goes Fishing

Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Used book in Good Condition.

Findus Moves Out Children's Classics

He wakes pettson, who tells him to stop. But jumping on beds is one thing. Living without Pettson is quite another. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Used book in Good Condition. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Because cats really need their early morning exercise, Findus decides to find a house of his own where he can jump and bounce when he likes.

Click on the images to see the whole pages. Every day at four o'clock in the morning, Findus likes to jump up and down on his bed.

Findus Rules the Roost Fundus and Pettson

The chickens are Findus’ best friends, second only to Pettson. Old man pettson has ten hens in his hen house. Hawthorn Press. In fact the rooster chases him away! findus is unhappy and his ears are aching, but what can he do? Find out what happens in this, the tenth Findus and Pettson book published by Hawthorn Press.

The findus and pettson series has sold over 6 million books in 44 languages and is beloved by children around the world. Hawthorn Press. But one day, Pettson brings home a rooster. These friendly, fun stories are perfect for reading aloud to children from three years of age, and for older children to read for themselves.

Hawthorn Press. Used book in Good Condition. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Findus the cat often teases them and plays chase with them around the yard. Hawthorn Press. The rooster is loud, and does not want Findus to play with the hens.

The Birthday Cake The Adventures of Pettson and Findus

Hawthorn Press. This starts a hilarious chain of events resulting in pettson distracting a bull, then ride to the store to buy some flour and a new pair of overalls, so he can open his shed, climbing through a skylight into his attic to find his fishing pole to fish the key out of the well, fix his flat tire, then made a tasty cake for Findus! Hawthorn Press.

Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Used book in Good Condition. A hilarious cumulative story about baking a 'pancake-cake' for the cat with three birthdays a year! When Pettson sets out to make Findus a cake, he finds that he's missing a key ingredient. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press.

Findus and the Christmas Tomte

Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press. Used book in Good Condition. Snow is falling on Pettson’s farm, and Christmas is approaching. Oh dear!” thinks pettson, is adamant that the yule tomte must visit, and because pettson does not want to disappoint findus, he comes up with a plan to build a Yule Tomte that can move and speak and give Findus gifts―but it is going to be very difficult to keep this secret from the curious cat, “How can I explain that the Yule Tomte may not visit cats??Findus, however, and even harder to design a convincing mechanical Yule Tomte! What Pettson needs is a little bit of Christmas magic.

. Hawthorn Press. Findus, the talking cat, tells Pettson that he is excited about the Yule Tomte’s visit and gifts. Hawthorn Press. Hawthorn Press.