She’s Having A Thug’s Baby

Saige didn’t know what she was getting into when she got with her brother’s best friend. He was used to coming and going as he pleased. She never had to fight for love a day in her life. Donovan was not ready for a child, and he let her know. With a broken heart and jealous females lurking to attack her in every direction, Saige felt alone.

Her brother warned her that being with a guy like Donovan would cause her heartbreak. Being pregnant by a thug had its problems and loving one seemed even harder. Hooking up with his best friend’s sister was a mistake, but he couldn’t seem to stay away. He seemed sweet on her, and she knew he was the one for her.

Finding out she was pregnant with Donovan’s baby, Saige caught hell. She didn’t mind because she wanted to be with him. Will saige and donovan get it together for the sake of their unborn child? Or will Saige walk away from the love she has for her baby’s father? Hooking up with donovan on a regular was one of the best things she’d ever done.

Donovan was not the type to settle down. While trying to do right by her, he had females trying to get with him in every direction.

I Got A Baby by A Drug Lord

Kilo owned the biggest drug operation in South Carolina. With an angry wife, and a baby mama who he thought he’d never see again, and a war brewing he was right in the center of it. Nothing could have prepared him for the betrayal he ran across in the midst of the danger he was in. Tempest had everything she ever wanted—a good job, and a great relationship with her family and friends.

But nothing could prepare Kilo for the loss that threatened to take him over. Feeling the pressure of his karma hitting him in every way, hanging out with Kilo introduced Tempest to another world of pain, anger, and suffering. She had it all, and she came a long way from the person she used to be. However, nothing could prepare her for seeing an old flame at her door so broken.

A drunken mind spoke with an honest and sober tongue, so Kilo found himself begging his once former flame to take away the pain. But soon, new feelings turned into a love that neither thought would surface again. Losing his son to a deadly disease—cancer—Kilo didn’t know if he was coming or going. Having every city on lock like a real G should, Kilo had everything he ever wanted in life.

While trying to take care of a baby together, Tempest would soon find out what it really meant to have a baby by a drug lord.

Claimed by An Atlanta Thug

Nobody told zaire that when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and became the leader of the streets of Atlanta. Loyalty came with a new name in Zaire’s eyes when the people he thought had his back didn’t. With the territorial lockdown that he had, he also had a snitch on this team. Would zaire and talika’s love survive everything that comes at them? Will Zaire get the revenge he deserved? Or will everything around Zaire crumble?

Packing her bags and moving to Atlanta for a job was the best thing to ever happen in Talika’s life. Having the city on lock came with a lot of responsibilities as well as a lot of enemies. But nothing could have prepared her for the disrespect and rudeness she would receive from a patient’s family member.

Nothing could have prepared Talika and Zaire for the attraction they felt for one another as they continued to buttheads. While trying to maintain, and balance a relationship with someone he didn’t like, Zaire found more out about the people around him, then a crackhead on the streets found their next hit.

Information came up that had Zaire shook and filled with rage that caused an unbelievable ending no one suspected. The people that worked the closest to you were the ones that fell victim. With problems of her own, Talika never took disrespect from no one and stood up for herself.

So Many Tears 2

As things rapidly change for Rashad and Kim, the two struggle to keep their love alive. At some point, a girl just simply gets tired of shedding the tears and is forced to do something different. Soon, kim feels more like a side chick to the streets and is left to decide if she should just let the main attraction fully have Rashad.

Hustling full-time isn’t conducive to having a healthy relationship.

Carrying a Dopeboy's Seed

Janae had already been through a lot in her life, but will carrying a dope boy’s seed put her through the worse? Take a journey with these characters and find out will the relationship Janae has with Jacori last for a lifetime? Or, will they be better off co-parenting? An unforeseen circumstance brings Janae face to face with a man that will change her life forever.

Jacori reed, a dope boy on top of his game and co-owner of a club on the west side of Atlanta, is living his best life and has the finer things to show for it. Feeling alone and incomplete, Janae uproots from the ruthless city of Chicago to start a new life in Atlanta. Being at the right place at the right time lands the beautiful, unforgettable Janae in the front seat of his Jaguar which leads to the two casually dating.

He wants to start over with Janae and make things right but someone from his past has other plans for him. Jacori is ecstatic about becoming a father. Janae’s parent’s were murdered at a pivotal point in her life, she was sweet 16 and almost about to graduate high school. Feeling as though janae was baggage after only a short period of time, she leaves Janae no choice but to fend for herself.

Jacori bumps into janae where he’s least expecting setting off the tick to his bomb. Janae vows to cut off all contact with Cori, that is, until she has no choice but to reach out to him with news that she’s expecting. She turns to her Auntie Netti for comfort and a place to live.

Bossed Up By A Billionaire Thug

Can she escape the darkness so that she can soar like she was supposed to? Or will she succumb to that dark cloud hanging over her life? E’mauri “Lucci” Lewis, reckless, was a young, handsome hustla. Lucci was lost in this cold world, with no one to guide him. Being abandoned at such a young age, has caused him to be somewhat rebellious.

But there was so much more to La’Kenzo Rogers. This is a story of how four completely different individuals, somehow find themselves together. In cuffed by a black Billionaire, you were introduced to Kenzo. As normal as he seemed, he was everything but normal. Before she could decide what she wanted to do with her life, her family had already laid it out for her.

Suffering tragedy, kenzo became numb, after tragedy, and decided to continue on life without addressing and healing from the pain in the past. Linking up with someone who he looked up to in the past, he’s able to see life in a different light, and move differently. Going through the motions in life, she finally cracks, and realizes she’s not living, she’s merely existing.

Her light, that used to shine so bright, was being dimmed by the darkness that she was wrapped in. In this standalone, you get to familiarize yourself with La’Kenzo Rogers. She was young, and ambitious, stunning, until she ran into the wrong man.

The Thug's Forbidden Baby

She was known to please her parents and do what they told her to do, that was until she met Dominic at a frat party. That made him feel some type of way. The love he has for her outweighed any obstacle that came their way. Meeting each other parents for the first time didn’t go as the couple thought it would go.

Pained of the separation, they both went their separate ways, until an unexpected gift brought them back together: a baby. Now on the run, after a year later, of being together, plus with a child, the couple faced so many obstacles. In a way, he was her dirty little secret until she found the courage to tell her parents about their relationship.

Spoiled-princess, Shreya always made sure she followed her parents’ rules. Keeping their relationship and baby a secret caused nothing but problems they both couldn’t seem to handle which caused problems in their relationship. When their baby gets kidnapped, Shreya and Dominic must do what they have to do to make sure their baby is back safe and in their arms.

Will dominic and shreya realize the love they shared that created life will be a blessing or a curse? Except for one thing, her parents had to approve who she dated. Dominic could take a lot of bs, but one thing he couldn’t take was the fact that his girl was holding out on him meeting her parents. When family secrets are exposed that causes deadly things to occur around the couple.

Cuffed by A Black Billionaire

Somehow, she pushed passed all the obstacles life threw her way, and went on to become a pharmacist. Growing up extremely handsome and intelligent, he had no problem getting any woman that he wanted. Aliyanna was scared of falling, and been through a lot of stuff as a child, she had been hurt in the past, that she still carried into her adult life.

But what if your past has affected you so bad, Kentrell Rockwell, that you no longer believe in love?From adolescence, had learned first hand the power that love held. But after spending a weekend together, they were interested, but still guarded. Kentrell decided at an early age, that he never wanted to experience that side of love after watching a loved one experience heartbreak.

When they first met, they both were skeptical of one another. There was love, but there was also heartbreak, which was all Aliyanna Ray knew since a teenager. Was ken capable of being everything she needed and more? Or will this be another result of a hurt people hurting people? After thinking she found love, she soon realized that she was sleeping with the enemy.

Add on the factor of him making money, they flocked Kentrell, but he held eyes for his woman and his child. In the game of love, there’s no rules. Picking up the pieces of her broken heart, she continues to move forward.

Wifed Up By A Street Legend

Until something changes her life drastically, causing her to be uprooted once again, and placed in the home of an unfamiliar face. You’ll get to know milani, her best friend Toriyah but also the Karter Brothers, Kaizon and Kaiszer. Being groomed for the family business since age thirteen, he never got to live a normal life.

How can two people, with completely different upbringings, have so much in common? The only answer to that question is that they were destined to be together, despite the wrath they encounter. After stepping up and providing for his family the only way he knew how, he starts to really get to know himself, and his aura completely changes.

Milani didn’t want for anything, she felt empty inside, yet, she was searching for answers, because nothing made sense to her. He had been through a lot, and seen a lot at a young age, which made him numb to life. This is no ordinary love story, this is a story that can only be understood through taking a moment to walk in each character’s shoes.

At a young age, being adopted by people the complete opposite of her complexion, she had a hard time growing up. Growing up, chill brother, he was always the relax, quiet, who no one really paid attention too. Kaiszer karter was the son of the infamous Kason Karter. Milani austin had been through hell and back in life.

This is a story of two couples from completely different backgrounds falling for each other.

Something About the Hood In Her

In this spin off to “he brings out the hood in me” you get to see the other side of the Maler Empire, while witnessing Spiff and Vinny battle the ins and outs of love. In his mind, he’s young and has time but what he doesn’t know is that Cami is at her breaking point and when Skylar steps on the scene, his time may really be up.

Sometimes lust can get you into things that LOVE can’t get you out of. The luxuries of being at the head of the Maler Empire affords him a plethora of “opportunities” that interfere with what he’s trying to build with her. Cami knows her worth, so the fact that she allows Vinny to do what he does shows just how much she loves him but that’s proving not to be enough anymore.

Vinny’s love for cami is unlike anything that he has ever felt before but in his heart, he knows that he’s not ready to give in to the fairytale life that she dreams of. A situation arose and that caused a rift in Spiff’s life that left him single, and looking for care for his son. With porsha still in the background, will the two be able to act on their attraction to each other or will LIFE intercept and end everything before it even begins.

Him and cami didn’t have the best upbringing and all he ever wanted was a family to call his own. Spiff feels like he’s stuck in a relationship with the mother of his son, Porsha. He knew early on that porsha wasn’t the woman he wanted that with but when she got pregnant, he manned up and handled his responsibility.

Addicted to a Dirty Rich Thug

This wasn’t the job he signed up for, but no matter how hard he tries to fight, Baptiste is drawn to her. When his grandfather sends him on an assignment, Baptiste feels something he’s never felt-compassion. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him. For alayjah bellamy that couldn’t be more true.

Will past heartbreaks make alayjah numb to idea of giving her heart away again? Will love be kind to them both? Read through these pages and discover if Alayjah and Baptiste will be standing together or will past secrets cause them to walk away from each other? She’d been in love with Diggy since she was nineteen years old.

He spoiled her with extravagant gifts and bought her what her heart desired but just like everything in life, it came with a price. Alyajah was sleeping with the enemy and anything or anyone attached must die. Both alayjah and baptiste must learn to trust again, but unbeknownst to them, they will need each other more than they both expected.

After a near death experience Alayjah finds herself fighting for her own life. Baptiste hantus is a man who lives in the dark. When he first sees alayjah, he’s taken back by her beauty, but realizes how shattered and broken she is. But now between the cocaine he snorted on a daily and the constant physical abuse Alayjah couldn’t help but to feel like she was in hell.