Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory: Stories

From the creator of the beloved and universally acclaimed television series BoJack Horseman, a fabulously off-beat collection of short stories about love—the best and worst thing in the universe. Complex, and unique, daring, emotional, with notes of melancholic brilliance and an aftertaste of subtle elation: it is hard to describe the writing of Raphael Bob-Waksberg without sounding like Frasier discussing wine.

B. In “a most blessed and auspicious occasion, ” a young couple engaged to be married is forced to deal with interfering relatives dictating the appropriate number of ritual goat sacrifices for their wedding. Missed connection—m4w” is the tragicomic tale of a pair of lonely commuters eternally failing to make that longed-for contact.

And in “more of the you that you already are, ” a struggling employee at a theme park of dead presidents finds that love can’t be genetically modified. Equally at home with the surreal and the painfully relatable and both at once, Bob-Waksberg delivers a killer combination of humor, whimsy, romance, cultural commentary, and crushing emotional vulnerability.

J. Novak, weep, raphael bob-waksberg’s stories will make you laugh, author of One More ThingWritten with all the scathing dark humor that is a hallmark of BoJack Horseman, and shiver in uncomfortably delicious recognition.

BoJack Horseman: The Art Before the Horse

Part oral history sourced from original interviews with the show’s cast and crew, storyboards, part art book—including sketches, and background art—this book will trace the series from conception to post-production. Set in an off-kilter, cynically spun rendering of modern-day Hollywood, the show follows washed-up horse actor BoJack Horseman voiced by Will Arnett as he attempts to turn his life around.

Netflix’s bojack horseman has quickly become one of the most critically acclaimed animated comedy series in recent memory. Also available: bojack Horseman 2020 Wall Calendar . Bojack horseman: the art before the Horse is the official behind-the-scenes companion to this cult-hit series. Beginning with the initial development of creator/ showrunner raphael bob-waksberg and production designer Lisa Hanawalt’s inimitable aesthetic vision, writing, animation, emotionally potent, casting, and music—that come together to form this uniquely bleak, The Art Before the Horse goes on to reveal all of the moving parts—direction, very funny show.


A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor Signed Edition

How will we live online? what powers over our lives are we giving away for free? Who has the right to change the world forever? And how do we find comfort in an increasingly isolated world? The carls disappeared the same way they appeared, in an instant. In the midst of the gang's possible reunion is a growing force, something that wants to capture our consciousness and even control our reality.

As they each get further down their own paths, a series of clues arrive—mysterious books that seem to predict the future and control the actions of their readers; unexplained internet outages; and more—which seem to suggest April may be very much alive. Well, that’s not exactly true. A beautifully foolish endeavor is the bold and brilliant follow-up to An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.

This edition is signed by Hank Green. It’s a fast-paced adventure that is also a biting social commentary, asking hard, urgent questions. Andy has picked up april’s mantle of fame, ravaged by grief, speaking at conferences and online about the world post-Carl; Maya, begins to follow a string of mysteries that she is convinced will lead her to April; and Miranda infiltrates a new scientific operation .

Part of their maelstrom was the sudden viral fame and untimely death of April May: a young woman who stumbled into Carl’s path, becoming their advocate, giving them their name, and putting herself in the middle of an avalanche of conspiracy theories. Months later, the world is as confused as ever. Limited quantities are available.

BoJack Horseman 2020 Wall Calendar

This 16-month calendar includes 13 hilarious parodies of pop culture featuring BoJack and his friends and frenemies, including Todd, Princess Carolyn, Diane, and Mr. Peanutbutter. Also available: bojack Horseman: The Art Before the Horse . Acclaimed for its cynical humor, and its allusions to popular culture, its wry commentary on celebrities and fame, BoJack Horseman follows the anthropomorphic title character and his attempts to overcome his status as a washed-up actor in modern-day Hollywood.


Coyote Doggirl

She beats her own drum and sews her own crop tops. Uncomfortable at times but nonetheless rewarding and empowering, the story of these flawed, anthropomorphized characters is nothing if not relentlessly hilarious and heartbreakingly human. As our fallible hero attempts to understand the culture of the wolves, we see a journey in understanding and misunderstanding, adopting and co-opting.

Taken in by a wolf clan, coyote may be wounded, but it’s not long before she’s back on the open road to track down Red and tackle the dogs who wronged her. Appeared on best of 2018 lists from npr, and nylon!“coyote doggirl is like Lisa Frank meets Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… This book is as whimsical, Bustle, funny and dark as any episode of that show.

Npr’s best books of 2018“even further proof of Hanawalt’s peculiar genius, her ability to access difficult truths in the most absurd ways possible. Nylon’s best illustrated books of 2018a raucous and fierce Western by the BoJack Horseman producer/production designer and award-winning cartoonistCoyote is a dreamer and a drama queen, brazen and brave, faithful yet fiercely independent.

A gifted equestrian, half coyote, she’s half dog, and all power. An homage to and a lampoon of westerns like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Lisa Hanawalt’s Coyote Doggirl is a self-aware, playful subversion of tropes. But when coyote and red find themselves on the run from a trio of vengeful bad dogs, and are tragically separated, get clobbered by arrows, our protagonist is left fighting for her life and longing for her displaced best friend.

Told in hanawalt’s technicolor absurdist style, Coyote Doggirl is not just a send-up of the Western genre but a deeply personal story told by an enormously talented cartoonist.

Little Weirds

As she will remind you, we live on an ancient ball that rotates around a bigger ball made up of lights and gasses that are science gasses, not farts don't be immature. Heartbreak, but it is also a place of wild delight and unconstrained vitality, confusion, yes, and misogyny stalk this blue-green sphere, a place where we can start living as soon as we are born, and we can be born at any time.

Step into jenny slate's wild, and "poignant" john mulaney collection about love, "delicious" Amy Sedaris, unfiltered imagination in this "magical" Mindy Kaling, heartbreak, and being alive -- "this book is something new and wonderful" George Saunders. You may "know" jenny slate from her new netflix special, "Stage Fright, " or as the creator of Marcel the Shell, or as the star of "Obvious Child.

But you don't really know Jenny Slate until you get bonked on the head by her absolutely singular writing style. In her dazzling, and so burstingly alive, we catch her vision like a fever and bring it back out into the bright day with us, impossible-to-categorize debut, Jenny channels the pain and beauty of life in writing so fresh, so new, and everything has changed.

To see the world through Jenny's eyes is to see it as though for the first time, shimmering with strangeness and possibility. New york times bestseller.


Over time though, their personal demons resurface and their relationship falls apart. Quaint, meditative and sometimes dreamy, blankets will take you straight back to your first kiss. The guardianblankets is the story of a young man coming of age and finding the confidence to express his creative voice. Blankets A Graphic Novel.

Craig thompson's poignant graphic memoir plays out against the backdrop of a Midwestern winterscape: finely-hewn linework draws together a portrait of small town life, a rigorously fundamentalist Christian childhood, and a lonely, emotionally mixed-up adolescence. Under an engulfing blanket of snow, Craig and Raina fall in love at winter church camp, revealing to one another their struggles with faith and their dreams of escape.

It's a universal story, and Thompson's vibrant brushstrokes and unique page designs make the familiar heartbreaking all over again. This groundbreaking graphic novel, winner of two Eisner and three Harvey Awards, is an eloquent portrait of adolescent yearning; first love and first heartache; faith in crisis; and the process of moving beyond all of that.

Beautifully rendered in pen and ink, Thompson has created a love story that lasts.

Hot Dog Taste Test

Drawn Quarterly. And her hybrids make use of the estrangement between human and animal. Chris randle, saliva-stimulating art, the guardianHot Dog Taste Test serves up Lisa Hanawalt's devastatingly funny comics, and deliciously screwball lists as she skewers the pomposities of foodie subculture. Blankets A Graphic Novel.

The new book from the james beard award-winning cartoonist and designer/producer of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman "Frankly speaking, you should get off your buns and go buy this book ― you'll relish it. Amy sedaris"hot dog taste test roasts food obsession in its many forms with a sometimes gross, sometimes charming collection of watercolors, sketches and comics.

Lucy feldman, wall street Journal"Hot Dog Taste Test is hilarious and at times breathtakingly inventive. Graeme macmillan, Wired"Hanawalt’s art balances the somber and the playful. From the james beard award-winning cartoonist and production designer/producer of Bojack Horseman, relationships, Hot Dog Taste Test dishes out five-star laughs as Hanawalt keenly muses on pop culture, and the animal in all of us.


My Dirty Dumb Eyes

This is a Hanawalt assault. Her comics are brilliantly funny, gloriously weird, and visually stunning. Her world vision is intricately rendered in a full spectrum of color, unapologetically gorgeous and intensely bizarre. Best of the year nods from amazon, the washington post, and usa today's pop candy blog!"for years i've encountered Lisa Hanawalt's comics and illustrations piecemeal -- in various magazines and periodicals.

Hanawalt's comics have appeared in the Hairpin, VanityFair. Com, the new york Times, and the Believer. I worship the chair she farts on. Julie klausnermy dirty dumb eyes introduces lisa Hanawalt as a first-rank cartoonist/humorist/stalker for an audience that likes its humor idiosyncratic, often uncomfortable, at times anthropomorphic or scatological, and always sharp witted.

Succumb. Patton oswalt"hanawalt's my dirty Dumb Eyes is a fantastically vivid and whimsical playground, offering page after page of absurdity, humor, and charm. The artwork is stunning and the jokes are surprising and fresh. Now, they've been assembled into one thick, blazing bludgeon. Drawn Quarterly. Blankets A Graphic Novel.

How to Date Men When You Hate Men

Drawn Quarterly. She collects her crushes like ill cared-for pets, skewers her own suspect decisions, and assures readers that any date you can mess up, she can top tenfold. From new yorker and onion writer and comedian blythe Roberson, How to Date Men When You Hate Men is a comedy philosophy book aimed at interrogating what it means to date men within the trappings of modern society.

Blythe roberson’s sharp observational humor is met by her open-hearted willingness to revel in the ugliest warts and shimmering highs of choosing to live our lives amongst other humans. And really, was that date even a date in the first place?with sections like real interviews with men about whether or not it Was A Date; Good Flirts That Work; Bad Flirts That Do Not Work; and Definitive Proof That Tom Hanks Is The Villain Of You’ve Got Mail, How to Date Men When You Hate Men is a one stop shop for dating advice when you love men but don't like them.

With biting wit, roberson explores the dynamics of heterosexual dating in the age of #MeToo"― The New York Times Blankets A Graphic Novel.

The Factory

Blankets A Graphic Novel. Each worker focuses intently on the specific task they've been assigned: one shreds paper, one proofreads documents, and another studies the moss growing all over the expansive grounds. Drawn Quarterly. The english-language debut of hiroko oyamada―one of the most powerfully strange young voices in JapanThe English-language debut of one of Japan's most exciting new writers, The Factory follows three workers at a sprawling industrial factory.

But their lives slowly become governed by their work―days take on a strange logic and momentum, and little by little, the margins of reality seem to be dissolving: Where does the factory end and the rest of the world begin? What's going on with the strange animals here? And after a while―it could be weeks or years―the three workers struggle to answer the most basic question: What am I doing here?With hints of Kafka and unexpected moments of creeping humor, The Factory casts a vivid―and sometimes surreal―portrait of the absurdity and meaninglessness of the modern workplace.