The Amish Healer: Special Edition: 4 Book Box Set

For the first time in her life, she feels loved and cherished. It is her calling, her gift from God, but there is one person in the district who would see her stopped. Her family does as she says and all fear her harsh words. Losing faith - when faith is lost, what is there? Daniel is a young man in love, yet his life is in turmoil.

Four bestselling amish romances for free on kindle unlimited get this special edition of these sweet Amish romances all in one setAmish Healer - A baby that won’t stop crying, a woman who has lost her way and a gift from God that has been forgotten. But how can she teach when she can never stop coughing? Jonas Glick must court a woman he does not love because he needs her eyes.

Can amish healer bertha zook heal his insomnia and find out why he has lost his faith? Will he reunite with Ruth, the love of his life, or will he leave the Amish? Bertha has troubles of her own. Maybe it is time to leave the amish and start a new life? but is he all he seems? can jonas get to her in time and will he discover his own feelings? Bertha has healed so many, but can she heal the ache in her own heart?Find out in this collection of inspirational Amish Romances from Sarah Miller, the author of multiple No 1 Bestselling Amish Romance books.

Can bertha zook conquer her fears and show how faith can overcome so much, even a long held belief of inadequacy. While helping Jonas, Amanda meets an exciting Englisch man. Will she have bertha shunned or is there hope in the air when faith is held true? The Deacon’s Son - Can an act of kindness make dreams come true? Amanda Troyer has always dreamed of being a teacher.

When the amish healer brings these two together, she hopes that she can heal both their bodies and their hearts.

Love in Baker's Corner: Amish Romance Bundle

The worst has happened, and no one can make it better. But jake has no plans to stay in Baker’s Corner. And during the few weeks he’s back, he arranges a secret buggy race. There, she meets clay wilson, the brother of her employer—a dashing man who is not only worldly but interested in her. Grab this heart-warming collection today!

Tragedy strikes, and Rachel is deeply devastated. She meets the innkeeper’s nephew, and despite her broken heart, Abel Yoder, she finds herself drawn to this kind, gentle man. Catastrophe follows, and Susan knows she must give up on him. Mason is a believer, but he isn't Amish, and Rachel knows her family will never allow her to marry him.

You’ll love reading about these lovely Amish women and dashing young men. But knowing it’s time to give up on him is one thing. Marlie’s awakeningnewly pregnant and divorced, Englischer Marlie Jensen flees to Baker’s Corner. Marlie and abel fall in love, but the roadblocks between them are insurmountable.

He's a good person—but he isn't Mason Porter. She finds a job at an Amish bed and breakfast. When he leaves on his rumspringa and doesn’t return, she continues to love him and believe in him.

Amish Hearts and Blessings: 5 Book Box Set Collection

An amish Promise3. Hannah's rumspringaGet immersed in these stories of love, forgiveness and the power of prayer. Amish Goodwill5. An amish Blessing2. An amish Wish4. Read free with kindle unlimited!This box set collections contains five books following the Fischer Brothers and Miller Family. Box set Contents1.

The Amish Fall Collection 6 Book Box Set

This 6 book box set contains the following stories:The Amish VoiceMissing LoveLovina's ChoiceThe Amish CradleThe Love of an Amish FatherA Choice between two Brothers. This is a wonderful collection of beautiful Amish romance stories, specifically created for the Fall season.

The Amish Hearts Collection 20 Book Box Set

Great value 20 book box Set - Available at this price for a limited time only. Read free with kindle unlimitedfeaturing a new book never before released as a singlegrab all twenty amish romance stories for one low price! You get all 20 complete stories in The Amish Hearts Collection boxed set. Orpah lambright does it again by giving readers another amazing box set containing twenty of the best clean Amish stories.

Find out about how friendships and romances are formed. Learn how the amish youth grow into adults to find the paths laid out for their futures. Discover the peaceful lives within Amish communities and of the Englischers they encounter. Experience the loves, home lives, triumphs and joys of a community founded on faith, hope and old world values.

Included in the box set:amish strengthamish rejectionthe amish girl's lawyerthe amish quiltthe amish waitressfixing an Amish Broken HeartThe Amish StrangerThe Amish HealerThe Englisch ChildThe Mystery of the Amish BlanketReturn from RumspringaAmish ChoiceThe Amish CarpentersAmish FaithAmish MiracleAmish SpiritAmish EscapeThe Amish MatchmakerAmish Inner WorthRisking Amish LoveStart reading The Amish Hearts Collection box set right now.


A Loving Hearts Collection: 10 Book Box Set

Incredible value 10 book box set - new for 2020!*read free with kindle unlimited*featuring "sarah's secret" a new book never before released as a singleget 10 of emma's latest Amish Romance stories never before in any box set for one low price!Emma Maas has been writing heart-stirring Amish Romances for many years in Minnesota.

Could she even feel the same so soon? She keeps Eli at arm’s length, despite his attempts to befriend her and get to know her better. But the greatest of these is love. Sometimes love is all you need. The following is a list of books included plus the description of Sarah's SecretA shattered heart. For eli troyer falls for her the moment he sees her and wants nothing more than to make her feel welcome and win her friendship, if not more should the Lord see fit.

But he doesn’t know her story. A shocking surprise. Sarah fischer is much too young for her problems. Now you can read 10 of her latest, and according to her, including a book never before released as a single, "One of my best stories yet. We hope you think so too! Read "Sarah's Secret" and see for yourself.

Rachel's Joy Rachel Miller Book 2

But that doesn’t matter now, because Thomas is courting Katie Smock. Had she fallen in love with the wrong friend two years ago? and why did Thomas seem jealous of her renewed friendship with Stephen? Find out now in this heartwarming tale about love and family-ties that will remind you of the important things in life and that sometimes it’s good to let go.

They had been the best of friends, the closest of allies. Rachel had lost her mother when she was young, and now she couldn’t stand to let go of her father. Ever since she could remember it had been the three of them. Rachel, Stephen and Thomas. Now two years later, Rachel wonders if she has done the right thing.

But they were no longer children and it was time Rachel admitted which of her friends she loved more. After a two-year courtship with Thomas, Rachel turned down his marriage proposal. It was stephen and Thomas who had helped her get through when her mother passed away. When her father sets her up with Stephen, Rachel looks at her other friend through the eyes of a young lady for the first time.

She couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her father and moving on with her own life, especially not after everything he has done for her over the years.

Amish Fruit Collection: 10-Book Box set Includes The Finale

But the fruit of the spirit is love, faith, joy, goodness, gentleness, peace, meekness, longsuffering, temperance. And revolves around the Petersheim siblings as each "fruit" is featured through their journey as they find love. Also includes a finale book including all the siblings, to complete the series!this special collection includes:book 1 - John's StoryBook 2 - Joy's StoryBook 3 - Grace's StoryBook 4 - Aaron's StoryBook 5 - Noah's StoryBook 7 - Faith's StoryBook 8 - Daniel's StoryBook 9 - Hope's StoryBook 10 - The Finale.

You'll get to know the siblings and their friends well, as they face various trials and triumphs with tears of sadness and joy. This 10-book series is based on the 'Fruits of the Spirt' as outlined in Galations 5:22-23.

Rebecca's Story

In the meantime, Rebecca’s new stepmother hides huge secrets of her own. When they return, rebecca’s new beau gets the completely wrong idea, blaming the entire fiasco on her. Like eve, rebecca has her own missing brother, and when he unexpectedly writes, it throws her family into a tailspin. And an even greater shift awaits her in Indianapolis.

Rebecca continues to work out a tenuous relationship with her new stepmother, when suddenly, upon seeing Liam, Amelia goes berserk. Meeting amosrebecca riehl’s missing brother has written her, and he wants to meet in secret. But seeing the newfound happiness on her father’s face convinces Rebecca to do all she can to welcome this woman and her three sons into the household.

What is going on? what secret does amelia carry? and what does it have to do with Liam Eash?The Search Rebecca travels to Linnow Creek with her best friend, Eve, only to discover that the purpose of the trip is a complete lie. And when her father’s young wife—who doesn’t know the truth of it—steps in to help, Rebecca is even more surprised.

It’s up to him now. She’s hardly older than Rebecca. Rebecca’s position in the farmhouse is lost, and she struggles to adjust. All rebecca really wants is Liam, and for her family to be together again. Everyone rushes to her, wanting to help, but she shoves them away.

Another New Year, Another Blessing

That, mistakes and all? will sasha find happiness in the unexpected? Find out now in the sweet Amish New Year’s romance that will remind you what it means to forgive, and the mistake that will forever be hers to face…Can Elmer accept her, accept and to be loved. After her father died, Sasha’s step-mother turned into the wicked step-mother of fairytales.

Until she does. The graber family is welcoming, but it’s their eldest son Elmer who teaches Sasha the true meaning of love. When sasha lands herself in a spot of trouble, things escalated quickly. Emma is kind and friendly but eventually breaks her promise. Expecting to be returned to her home and her step-mother, Sasha fears meeting the Grabers.

. All well and good except Sasha is Englisch and Elmer is Amish. Because in the end, nothing is more important than family, whether we’re born into it, or we fall into it by chance. After an argument, sofia abandons Sasha in the middle of nowhere, her only source of shelter is an Amish barn. When emma graber finds Sasha in the barn she pleads for Emma not to tell her parents.

On the hunt for a new husband, Sasha was nothing but a thorn in her side.

The Promised Amish Girl

Since their birth, leah and David were promised to each other, but that promise wasn’t made by them. He’s had his eye on leah miller for years but doesn’t seem to have the courage to take it any further. Leah miller struggles to ignore her mother’s hints about her impending nuptials to David Raber.

She knows their mothers had planned their wedding since the day they were born, but Leah is having doubts. David has tried his best to be everything his parents and his bishop want him to be, but he still isn’t happy. Although he isn’t wealthy, he gets by. Now with the arranged marriage hanging over his head, it’s time for David to decide what he wants from life, and suddenly he’s not so sure it’s living the Amish way.

Eli king inherited a farm from his father. When a mutual friend sets them up, the connection is instant, until Eli learns she’s betrothed to another. How can leah marry one man while in love with another? Can David stand up to his parents and his bishop and do what his heart asks of him? How long will Eli be patient before he finally steps away from a future with Leah?