The Penguin Guide to the United States Constitution: A Fully Annotated Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Amendments, and Selections from The Federalist Papers

A marvel of accessibility and erudition, the guide also features a history of the making of the Constitution with excerpts from The Federalist Papers and a look at crucial Supreme Court cases that reminds us that the meaning of many of the specific provisions of the Constitution has changed over time.

Excellent. What is the president, and the supreme court really allowed to do? This unique and handy guide includes the documents that guide our government, Congress, annotated with accessible explanations from one of America's most esteemed constitutional scholars. Known across the country for his appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Professor Richard Beeman is one of the nation's foremost experts on the United States Constitution.

Valuable and judicious. Jill lepore,  The New Yorker. In this book, fully annotated copy of the Declaration of Independence, he has produced what every American should have: a compact, the Constitution and amendments, all in their entirety.

The Constitution of the United States

The document defines the three main branches of the government: The legislative branch with a bicameral Congress, an executive branch led by the President, and a judicial branch headed by the Supreme Court. It also reserves numerous rights for the individual states, thereby establishing the United States' federal system of government.

The articles of confederation and Perpetual Union was actually the first constitution of the United States of America. It is the foundation and source of the legal authority underlying the existence of the United States of America and the Federal Government of the United States. The U. S. The handwritten, or "engrossed", original document penned by Jacob Shallus is on display at the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.

C. Besides providing for the organization of these branches, the Constitution outlines obligations of each office, as well as provides what powers each branch may exercise. State in the name of "the people"; it has since been amended twenty-seven times, the first ten amendments being known as the Bill of Rights.

It is the shortest and oldest written constitution of any major sovereign state. The united states constitution was adopted on september 17, by the Constitutional Convention or Constitutional Congresscitation needed in Philadelphia, 1787, Pennsylvania, and later ratified by conventions in each U. S.

The Federalist Papers by Publius Unabridged 1787 Original Version

McLean. The federalist papers serve as a primary source for interpretation of the Constitution, as they outline the philosophy and motivation of the proposed system of government. According to historian Richard B. Morris, they are an "incomparable exposition of the Constitution, a classic in political science unsurpassed in both breadth and depth by the product of any later American writer.

". The authors of the federalist Papers wanted to both influence the vote in favor of ratification and shape future interpretations of the Constitution. A compilation of these and eight others, called The Federalist, was published in 1788 by J. Seventy-seven of the essays were published serially in The Independent Journal and The New York Packet between October 1787 and August 1788.

And A. The federalist papers are a series of 85 articles advocating the ratification of the United States Constitution.

US Constitution: Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, & Amendments Illustrated

The publisher humbly advances the notion that every American citizen should claim ownership of a copy of these essential documents, in order to benefit from and reference the wisdom which went into their creation. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the American Red Cross, which provides aid and relief in the United States during times of calamity or disaster.

The bill of rights, the collective term of the first ten constitutional amendments, created in 1789 and ratified in 1791 at the Philadelphia Congress. The constitutional Amendments - eleven through to twenty seven. This ebook contains the complete text of the three most important documents in American history: The United States Declaration of Independence, adopted at the Second Continental Congress meeting at Philadelphia in July 1776.

Together with the principle text, this edition contains images provided courtesy of the United States National Archives as well as independent photographers.

The Know Your Bill of Rights Book: Don't Lose Your Constitutional Rights--Learn Them!

National bestseller! over 50, 000 copies sold!have you ever had trouble understanding the united states bill of rights?have you ever wondered what was really meant by one or more of the ten amendments, including the second amendment?Have you ever been unsure as to how these rights should apply to modern society?Have you even questioned if the Bill of Rights should still be held as inviolable law, nearly 230 years after its writing?Let’s face it…The Bill of Rights is very hard to understand if you just pick it up and give it a read.

The eloquent style in which it was written can be confusing. There’s a lot of legal terminology that’s beyond most of us. And without the right historical background, importance, it’s impossible to fully understand the meaning, and scope of several of the amendments and especially the second amendment.

Furthermore, there are countless politicians and mainstream pundits that want to interpret our rights for us and tell us what the Founders meant, making it even harder to know what to believe. But are you comfortable letting crooked baby-kissers and propagandists decide what your rights are? Or would you rather discover them for yourself?In other words, your family, your answer to that question is YES, your friends, would you rather know and insist on the exact freedoms our Founders intended for you, and your fellow Americans?If you’re like millions of other Americans, and this book is for you.

It will help you quickly and easily reach a deep understanding of the Bill of Rights by…Walking you through each amendment, clarifying the precise definitions of key words, so you understand exactly what the Founders wanted you to know. Providing you with the key historical context you need to fully grasp and spirit and importance of the amendments, so you understand how they apply to our 21st century society.

Sharing powerfully insightful quotes on each amendment, straight from the Founders and their peers, so you have absolutely no questions as to their purposes and intentions.

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence: The Constitution of the United States of America

You'll may find you want to have extra copies around to hand out, too. How often have people claimed that a certain thing was "in the constitution" and you've wanted to pull out a copy to show them what this incredible document really says?This is the book you want to keep with you at all times: the full text of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the two documents that are the backbone of United States government.

Regular reading is required for any historian or member of the legal profession, and a good idea for all Americans. Acclaimed constitutional scholar paul skousen, frames this simple text with a brief preface and a summary of important facts about these two documents, author of How to Read the Constitution, including important dates, for the ultimate quick reference.

Here is your chance to become an expert on two of the most important documents that shaped our country! An inspiring introduction by new York Times best-selling author Dan Clark will put you in the right frame of mind to read and appreciate these great documents. This handy guide can become your best friend, and you'll want to keep a copy nearby.

Reading them as they were written is a must for every American. Without intruding on the meaning, Skousen gives you a great tool for understanding our most basic principles of good government. Fortunately, this little book will easily fit into your pocket or briefcase, top desk drawer, or iPad case. Throughout the text of the constitution, he provides a clear guide to parts that became invalid due to later amendments, making the current meaning clear.

Common Sense AmazonClassics Edition

Six months after common Sense was published, independence was declared, and the American Revolution was born. Amazonclassics brings you timeless works from the masters of storytelling. Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or rediscover an old favorite, these new editions open the door to literature’s most unforgettable characters and beloved worlds.

Revised edition: previously published as Common Sense, this edition of Common Sense AmazonClassics Edition includes editorial revisions. His clear and persuasive argument appealed to the common people, impressing on them the importance of secession from Great Britain. Published anonymously on january 10, 1776, Thomas Paine’s legendary work made the case for American independence.

An immediate sensation across the thirteen colonies, Common Sense extolled Paine’s belief that government should be simple and represent the will of the people, acting not as an oppressor but as a body to protect society.

The Federalist Papers AmazonClassics Edition

Ideal for anyone who wants to read a great work for the first time or revisit an old favorite, these new editions open the door to the stories and ideas that have shaped our world. Revised edition: previously published as The Federalist Papers, this edition of The Federalist Papers AmazonClassics Edition includes editorial revisions.

. Hailed by thomas jefferson as “the best commentary on the principles of government which was ever written, James Madison, and John Jay from 1787 to 1788, ” The Federalist Papers is a collection of eighty-five essays published by Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton, as a means to persuade the public to ratify the Constitution of the United States.

With nearly two-thirds of the essays written by Hamilton, this enduring classic is perfect for modern audiences passionate about his work or seeking a deeper understanding of one of the most important documents in US history. Amazonclassics brings you timeless works from iconic authors.

The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates

The complete texts of the documents that tell the story of the clashes and compromises that gave birth to the Unites States of America. Should the members of the government be elected by direct vote of the people? should the government be headed by a single executive, and how powerful should that executive be? Should immigrants be allowed into the United States? How should judges be appointed? What human rights should be safe from government infringement? In 1787, these important questions and others were raised by such statesmen as Patrick Henry and John DeWitt as the states debated the merits of the proposed Constitution.

Along with the federalist Papers, this invaluable book documents the political context in which the Constitution was born. This volume includes the complete texts of the Anti-Federalist Papers and Constitutional Convention debates, commentaries, and an Index of Ideas. It also lists cross-references to its companion volume, The Federalist Papers, available in a Signet Classic edition.

Edited and with an Introduction by Ralph Ketchum.

The U.S. Constitution: Explained for Every American

Here is the key historical context for issues in the news today—from the Electoral College to Washington gridlock, from peaceful protests to executive power. Setting forth the workings of our democracy, voting rights, taxation, civil liberties, policing, gun ownership, it is the bedrock document from which we derive our policies on topics as diverse and galvanizing as immigration, and war.

Politicians come and go, but the Constitution stands as the supreme law of the land. Thoughtful and nuanced, lively and highly readable, this annotated Constitution is for all of us to read and refer to—the ultimate political fact-checking source for every American. In this indispensable edition, acclaimed historian and Constitutional expert Ray Raphael guides us through the origins, impact, and current relevance of the original text and all twenty-seven amendments.


How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence: A Simple Guide to Understanding the Constitution of the United States Freedom in America Book 1

And indeed they’ve remained, as paul Skousen writes, “the most amazing freedom formula ever invented”—but navigating eighteenth-century legal language can be challenging. Recognizing this problem, skousen provides an easy, step-by-step guide that will forever change the way you think about your country and your freedoms.

Using visual tools, and several valuable memory aids, exercises, this book will help you:•Master the Constitution’s seven articles and the twenty-seven important rights named in the Bill of Rights. Navigate the declaration’s five power statements on freedom and unlock their eighteenth-century phrases with a convenient glossary.

Discover how the Constitution’s guiding principles protect human rights. And so much more. Thousands of books describe the origins of these famous documents, but only How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence gives you a path to truly understanding them. Have you ever wanted to read the constitution and the declaration of Independence and really understand what they’re saying? Learn how they impact your life; your rights and freedoms? How the branches of government were formed, and why?You’re not alone.

When the constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written by our founders over two centuries ago, they were designed to endure. Millions of americans want a deeper understanding of their country’s founding principles and don’t know where to start.