The Sweet Forever: A Novel DC Quartet Book 3

One of the 1990s' rising stars of crime fiction delivers a bold, and survival in the 1980s, brilliant tale of mystery, revenge, when cocaine and money ruled the city streets and even the good guys wanted a piece of the action.

King Suckerman: A Novel DC Quartet Book 2

Two knockaround guys named clay and Karras are out looking for trouble when they stumble onto a drug deal gone bad and end up with a pile of money that isn't theirs. Captain beefheart's on the eight-track, and the hot new film "King Suckerman" has everyone talking. When the well-armed dealer starts spilling blood to get to the cash, go straight, Clay and Karras must take a stand, and get justice--or maybe just sweet revenge.

In the summer of 1976, the nation's capital is gearing up for the Bicentennial.

Shame the Devil: A Novel DC Quartet Book 4

Several restaurant workers are murdered by a robber, whose brother is killed by police during the chaotic event. As everyone struggles to heal after the incident, the gunman is determined to kill everyone involved in his brother's death.

Hell to Pay Derek Strange and Terry Quinn Series Book 2

Derek strange and terry quinn, the team of private investigators who made their stunning debut in Right As Rain, are hired to find a 14-year-old white girl from the suburbs who's run away from home and is now working as a prostitute. The two ex-cops think they know D. C. S dangers, but nothing in their experience has prepared them for Worldwide Wilson, the pimp whose territory they're intruding upon.

Combining inimitable neighborhood flavor, and a clear-eyed view of morality in a world with few rules, action scenes that rank among the best in fiction, "Hell to Pay" is another Pelecanos masterpiece for his ever-expanding audience to savor.

Right as Rain Derek Strange and Terry Quinn Series Book 1

For strange, a savvy and careful man, the investigation goes against his style and instinct. Washington post bestseller"those in the know read Pelecanos. Michael connelly, #1 bestselling author of the Harry Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer seriesDerek Strange is black and successful. Terry quinn is white and barely holding on.

Now strange has been hired to investigate a police shooting in which Quinn played a major role. For terry quinn, strange's questions are a chance to absolve his conscience and shake out a little truth. With washington, D. C. The city, not the capital-as his backdrop, Pelecanos explores a violent landscape of drugs and danger, loyalty and love.

But in a city that lives in the shadow of a nation's dream, neither man can foresee the dirty little war that will break out around them. Or how deadly being right can be. The crime novels of George Pelecanos are unrivaled for their authenticity, edginess, and humanity.

Down by the River Where the Dead Men Go

You already been a punk. Least you can do is go out like a man. Then a dull popping sound and a quiet splash. In his third appearance in george Pelecanos's acclaimed series, Nick Stefanos has been spending too much time with bad women and bad booze. With the help of a partner as straight-arrow as nick is bent, Nick decides to track down the killer, an investigation that leads them through the roughest part of the nation's capital, and into the blackest parts of the human soul.

Which is why he wakes up one blurry morning on the banks of the Anacostia River, hungover and miserable--and now a witness to a murder.

Soul Circus Derek Strange and Terry Quinn Series Book 3

Bleak, gritty and moving, soul Circus superbly brings to life a devastating story of life and death in Washington's black ghettos. Private investigator derek strange and his partner, terry Quinn, are running a detective business in the seedy underbelly of Washington, DC when they are approached by a young man asking them to find his girlfriend who has gone missing.

And who hasn't been seen since. Step by step, drug dealers, strange and his partner are drawn into the darkness, crime lords, confronting gunrunners, and ordinary people caught up in the ruthless violence of the business. And so strange and Quinn find her. Just another day? Not quite. Soul circus is a heart-stopping thriller that could only have been written by George Pelecanos, the writer who "has gone from cult favorite to acknowledged master" Booklist.

In the grimy underworld inhabited by Strange, nothing is that simple. For strange and quinn's efforts have led to a young mother being brutally murdered--a devastating discovery that causes them both to question the morality by which they live. And yet at the same time they need to continue the search for another missing girl, a teenage runaway who shows up in a porn video.


The Cut Spero Lucas Book 1

Spero lucas has a new line of work. Includes a bonus work of short fiction focusing on Spero's early life. A high-profile crime boss who has heard of Lucas's specialty hires him to find out who has been stealing from his operation. Is any cut worth your family, your life? the first in a series of thrillers featuring Spero Lucas, your lover, The Cut is the latest confirmation of why George Pelecanos is "perhaps America's greatest living crime writer.

Stephen King. His cut is forty percent. Crime fiction writer george Pelecanos introduces Spero Lucas, an anti-hero making his place in the world one battle at a time. But before he can close in on what's been taken, he tangles with a world of men whose amorality and violence leave him reeling. Since he returned home to Washington, D.

C. After serving in Iraq, he has been doing special investigations for a defense attorney. It's the biggest job spero has ever been offered, and he quickly gets a sense of what's going on. He's good at it, and he has carved out a niche: recovering stolen property, no questions asked.

A Firing Offense

Blow-out sales and shady deals were his life. A firing offense, as barry gifford puts it, Nick Stefanos' debut, shows why, "To miss out on Pelecanos would be criminal. ". As the advertising director of Nutty Nathan's, Nick Stefanos knows all the tricks of the electronics business. But the kid reminded nick of himself twelve years ago: an angry punk hooked on speed metal and the fast life.

So when the boy's grandfather begs Nick to find the kid, Nick says he'll try. When one of the stockboys disappears, it's not news: just another metalhead who went off chasing some dream of big money and easy living.

The Night Gardener

Cook has retired, but he has never stopped agonizing about the "Night Gardener" killings. The new case draws the three men together on a grim mission to finish the work that has haunted them for years. All the love, regret, and anger that once burned between them comes rushing back, and old ghosts walk once more as the men try to lay to rest the monster who has stalked their dreams.

Gus ramone is "good police, " a former Internal Affairs investigator now working homicide for the city's Violent Crime branch. Bigger and even more unstoppable than his previous thrillers, character, George Pelecanos achieves in THE NIGHT GARDENER what his brilliant career has been building toward: a novel that is a perfect union of suspense, and unstoppable fate.

His new case involves the death of a local teenager named Asa whose body has been found in a local community garden. The murder unearths intense memories of a case Ramone worked as a patrol cop twenty years earlier, when he and his partner, Dan "Doc" Holiday, assisted a legendary detective named T. In the years since, holiday has left the force under a cloud of morals charges, and now finds work as a bodyguard and driver.

C. The series of murders, all involving local teenage victims, was never solved. Cook.

The Man Who Came Uptown

To life in a high-stakes story of tough choices. In bestselling and emmy-nominated writer george pelecanos' novel, one of the best mysteries of 2018 Publishers Weekly, an ex-offender must choose between the man who got him out and the woman who showed him another path. Michael hudson spends the long days in prison devouring books given to him by the prison's librarian, a young woman named Anna who develops a soft spot for her best student.

That has changed a lot during his time locked up. Anna keeps passing michael books until one day he disappears, suddenly released after a private detective manipulated a witness in Michael's trial. Once shady storefronts are now trendy beer gardens and flower shops. But what hasn't changed is the hard choice between the temptation of crime and doing what's right.

Trying to balance his new job, his love of reading, and the debt he owes to the man who got him released, Michael struggles to figure out his place in this new world before he loses control. Smart and fast-paced, The Man Who Came Uptown brings Washington, D. C. Outside, michael encounters a Washington, D. C.