The Unlimited Mind: Master Critical Thinking, Make Smarter Decisions, And Be In Control Of Your Life

Zoe mckey has studied human cognition for over a decade. Terrified of making bad decisions and missing great opportunities? Do you question your judgment and doubt your intuition? Your brain is like any other muscle: it needs training to improve. Don’t choose the hard and long way to learn thinking smarter, get started NOW.

. The unlimited mind will show you how to think smarter and find your inner genius. To her, it was essential to know how others think to secure her own survival. It takes a critical look at our everyday cognitive habits and points out small but serious mistakes that are easily correctable. Learn to use the 6 hats method™ to make the best multilateral decisions•master your time management with Philip Zimbardo’s time paradox theory•Learn to set goals like a champion with Arnold SchwarzeneggerIf you commit to practicing the techniques in this book you’ll learn to gather and assess relevant information instead of an unfocused mass of data.

You will make better predictions, reduce regrets that follow a bad decision and become more aware of your life in general. This book is a collection of research and scientific studies about better decision-making, fairer judgments, and intuition improvement. This book collects her personal experiences and some of the most famous studies in cognitive improvement and social psychology to show you the way to better critical thinking, decision-making, and judgment.

Leave analysis paralysis for yesterday. You’ll have a self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective way of thinking.

The Disciplined Mind: Strengthen Your Willpower, Develop Mental Toughness, Control Your Thoughts, and Get Rid of Your Inner Critic

Dreaming day and night doesn’t create the life you want – disciplined action does. Take control over your life. Do you fail to follow your plans despite your best intentions? Are your mental toughness and willpower keeping you from the life you want? If your life is starting to resemble a never-ending hamster wheel from a lack of intentional action – you need to discipline your mind.

In the disciplined mind, you will find unique lessons through which you will learn those essential steps and qualities that are needed to reach your goals easier and faster. Learn about 3 types of stress and how can you turn stress to your benefit;-Key steps to patience and self-discipline;-The method for focused action and maximum productivity; -How to overcome the fear of failure; -Get the results you want.

With a disciplined mind you will be able to live a more stress-free and well-balanced life. You’ll learn to prioritize your tasks to harness the most productive results – even on those days when you are not in a good mood. You won’t sabotage yourself with negative self-talks, procrastination, and unintentional behavior.

The path to an extraordinary accomplishment and a life worth living is not innate talent, willpower, but focus, and disciplined action. Where you end up in life is determined by a number of times you fall and get up, and how much pain and discomfort you can withstand along the way. Maximize your brain power and keep in control of your thoughts.


The Science of High Performance: Develop Mental Toughness, Boost Willpower, Master New Skills, and Achieve Your Goals Faster

The book will show you scientifically backed principles to help you understand the power of your body and mind- and how you can stretch yourselves beyond ‘self created’ false limits. Develop high performance mindset, train your Mind to Build Self-Discipline, Discover How to Learn Faster and Become the Best Version of Yourself.

Do you always wonder - why only a handful people beam with self-confidence & perform at their best, while other struggle to finish their tiny 5-pointer to-do-list? Why some people always move at fast pace despite facing obstacles, and others drag their feet back merely on fearful thought?What if you were told that everyone can perform at highest levels? What if you can learn the strategies all performers adopt to master their mind?The Science of High Performance is written to show you that each of us is gifted and capable of high performance.

Because you know that high performance opens the doors for huge opportunities, builds your self-confidence and ensures you achieve your goals faster. Build mental muscles, boost Self-Discipline for Success, Learn how to master skills and accelerate your journey to success. Take your first step Towards High Performance Today.

You will understand the principle behind why high performers do perform that way and how that approach is accessible to each of us. Som bathla is an avid reader, researcher and author of multiple bestseller books. In this book, he will hold your hand on a journey to the world of high-performers and hand you over the new set of lenses to help you look at the world differently, thoroughly backed up with scientific principles and psychological studies.

The science of high performance- will show you how to: Train Your Mind to Take Massive Action regardless of what you feel.

Think In Systems: The Theory and Practice of Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, and Creating Lasting Results - Complexity Made Simple

Every issue is complex. Stay a learner. The greatest problems like hunger, war, and poverty are all failures in the system. There is, however, a solution to get the desired results. However, our world grows more connected, interdependent and complex with each passing day. Quite the contrary, you’ll have fewer headaches knowing that you surely didn’t miss any detail when you tried to solve a problem.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert einstein•Learn the main aspects, concepts, and models of systems thinking. Design models and systems maps to solve your problems•Find solutions to your underlying problems, wealth, not just the symptoms•Improve your mental health, and relationshipsSystems thinking is a relatively new discipline which doesn’t get the exposure it deserves.

Sometimes our best efforts can result in the opposite of what we want over time. Systems thinking boosts your critical thinking skills, makes you more logical, enhances your analytical abilities, and makes you more creative. Becoming a systems thinker will help you to overcome your confusion and fear of missing the whole picture, and help you find more effective solutions to your personal and if you are up to it, global problems.

Thus they can’t be fixed with a simple cause-effect thinking. Similarly, fights with your loved ones, being stuck in a rut at your job are also system failures.

The Art and Science of Self-Discovery: Explore your Personality, Discover Your Strengths, Gain Self-Awareness, and Design a Life That Fits You

Live your life, not someone else’s. Self-discovery, identity, and personality. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience. Gain the self-awareness to live in tune with your intentions. The historical and biological bases of personality and identity. How to classify yourself using OCEAN.

The ever-popular mbTI and how the Keirsey Temperaments are even more illuminating. The mbti, enneagram, adler, Freud, Jung, Keirsey, and more. How nature and nurture work together. The art of gaining self-awareness through self-analysis and observation. Proven evidence on how to change your personality and identity.

Find what you were born for and discover your unique edge. And that’s the difference between fulfillment and a listless existence. Lack clarity and direction? Finish this book with epiphanies and a clear plan. The art and science of Self-Discovery will bring you clarity, revelation, and epiphany. Self-discovery is not a new desire, but never before has it been combined with modern sensibilities like here.

Learn the true science behind personality and identity. Peter hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author.

The Psychology of Taking Action: How to Stop Overthinking, Get Motivated, Defeat Your Fears, & Stop Procrastinating

Take that first step by scrolling up and clicking the BUY NOW BUTTON at the top right of this page! Take action like your life depends On It deconstructs the psychology of laziness and why tomorrow always sounds like a better idea. How to defeat procrastination by “bundling. Strategically plan your days to prevent laziness and distraction.

What you think is action, but is actually a waste of timeBecome a machine of proactive energy and activity. Action and results are the only things that matter in the world. Taking that first step is always hard, but it doesn’t have to be. The more action you take, the luckier you become. This is one of the most valuable skills you’ll ever gain, because only action matters in life, not good intentions.

Gain the ability to get things done and hit your goals, no matter the circumstances. Patrick king is an internationally bestselling author and social skills coach. That’s precisely what will get you ahead in life. This book puts action at the forefront of your brain and makes it nearly impossible to stay still.

Transform from struggling with getting off your butt, to a machine of productivity and self-discipline. Not your planning, intentions, or nice thoughts.

Accelerated Learning for Expertise: Rapid Knowledge Acquisition Skills to Learn Faster, Comprehend Deeper, and Reach a World-Class Level

Let’s help you get from point a to Point B, where Point B is an extremely high level of expertise in your desired area or topic. It’s time to use all the resources at your disposal and learn a new approach. Learn a plethora of scientifically-validated methods. Begin the journey to the best phase of your life with this book.

Gain efficient, effective, and effortless expertise by clicking the BUY NOW BUTTON at the top right of this page! They can mean very different things in each context, but the end result is greater happiness and fulfillment. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience. Make learning easier, more efficient, and more organized.

Learning myths, the biology of learning of expertise, and the most important mindsets for expertise. Information: how to collect it, understand it, filter it, organize it, and master it. Easy tactics to exponentially improve your memory. Outpace, outthink, and outperform others. Multiple models and paths to expertise, including using exemplars and finding knowledge gaps.

What language acquisition and learning an instrument can teach us about expertise. 1% world-class expertise opens the door to the life you want.

Psychological Triggers: Human Nature, Irrationality, and Why We Do What We Do. The Hidden Influences Behind Our Actions, Thoughts, and Behaviors.

It’s only human nature. A psychological trigger is something that causes us to act out of urgency - not correctness or even happiness. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. But you can certainly live free from your worst impulses and irrational hunches, which are what psychological triggers create more often than not.

This is fertile ground for some of the worst decisions of our lives. It answers the question, “why did i just make a terrible choice when I know I shouldn’t have?” We are all slaves to our triggers, and this book seeks to identify them to better battle them. We might think we are making our decisions independently and out of free will, but you’ll discover that to be far from reality.

Master your psychology, master your life. Peter hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. Control your destiny by clicking the BUY NOW BUTTON at the top right of this page. See yourself thrive from consistently making beneficial decisions and defeating your primal psychology.

Seize control and of your impulses and make better decisions. Psychological triggers is an introduction to yourself - your impulses, your desires, and everything in your subconscious that drives you to action.

Evolve Your Habits: Stop Self-Sabotage, Break Bad Habits, Create Lasting Behavior Change, Become Who You Want To Be

This time will be different! Commit to the change you set yourself to. Not as patient as you think you are? surprised by how quickly you lose your cool when someone shows you an imagined show of disrespect? All we can do in those situations is react. How to persevere when change seems hard, •how to tune out distractions and resist temptations, •How to gain discipline to create new habits, •How to create the person you wish to become.

Don’t hesitate to take action and improve your shortcomings. I’m sure you tried before; maybe you failed. This book bridges the gap those two by introducing you to gears of human behavior. Start by creating an environment that makes your change inevitable, and with self-awareness take action. Change your bad habits and improve your behavior once and for all.

With simple language, and science proven facts, engaging stories, you’ll get a full picture on how can you improve your behavior and develop better habits. Become the person who you want to be. Create a change now in any area of your life with Evolve Your Habits. But everybody can get better today than he was a day before.

. Understand the hidden psychological pathways of your brain that prevent change, •Create long-lasting habits, •Models of behavior change – from the best, •How to get unstuck from the past.

Age In Reverse: Get More Fit, Keep Your Brain Active, And Increase Your Energy Every Day - Look And Feel Younger Than A Year Ago

You won’t get any younger than you are now. Unless you read the secrets of the wellspring of youth and start taking action today. Practices to preserve your youthful looks longer-scientific reasons why exercises will not only make you feel and look younger but also prolong your lifespan -Learn how to keep yourself in shape without getting injured-Three blocks of exercises which improve your balance, posture, cardiovascular system function and digestion - How to move for healthy feet, improved balance, and activities of daily lifeYou are what you eat – at least on the outside.

No matter how old you are or what your physical condition is, start the change where you are right now. Want to stay young, fit and attractive for long? to conquer the threats of aging like poor health, wrinkles, and a reduced quality of life? Do you experience reduced mobility and energy level? Aging doesn’t have to mean you have to get old in the process.

Scientific studies have revealed that the human body is coded to self-destruct as we age. Thanks to these practices, flexibility, they regained their strength, and mobility. Having more oxygen in your body, you’ll feel more energetic, have better focus and memory. The best and the worst anti-aging foods -the biological background of healthy – and unhealthy - nutrition-A week-long sample menu including breakfast, dinner and a daily detox drink If you adopt the tips in this book, you’ll feel less pain, you’ll have lower blood sugar, lunch, and better circulation.

You’ll also read about people who’ve used the principles presented in the book and exercises for years.

Daily Habit Makeover: Beat Procrastination, Get More Productive, Focus Better, And Become Healthier in Body and Mind

Know how to identify your most important tasks following a simple mathematical formula and stay disciplined to build productivity habits. Be the most productive version of yourself. Learn various ways to increase productivity in your life, -Easily learnable and executable solutions that will make your day more organized and focused, -Why is willpower your enemy when it comes to changes, -Two valuable philosophies to help you maintain your habit changes for the long haul.

Never feel the numbing pressure of unfinished tasks and threatening deadlines again. Living as our best selves depends on our day-to-day habits; the small everyday activities we aren’t always conscious about. Learn to identify, prioritize, and focus on your most important tasks and get them done. Do you often lose focus? convince yourself that your tasks can wait… when they can’t? Can’t stick to new habits more than a few weeks or days? What happens when deadlines arrive: do you start panicking so badly that you forget what day of the week it is? The time to do something about your bad habits is right now - otherwise, you are in danger of never starting.

Acknowledge and start acting against procrastination, - Quick methods to rank the importance of your tasks, - Learn 5+ scientifically proven ways to increase focus, - Why multitasking sabotages you and better alternatives. Daily habit makeover will teach you how to adopt tailor-made habits to your lifestyle.

Finish what you start – every time, quickly applicable strategies to build a better life today, - 50 small, - The best habits of three world leaders to enhance motivation, - 15+ signs that help you prevent procrastination, - The best apps and programs that help you stay productive. Daily habit makeover helps you reach your maximal productivity and greatest potential by teaching you how to think in a system that excludes procrastination.