USB 3.0 stick – Computer privacy and network analysis tool – SecuPerts Forensic System

Which files were deleted, which programs were installed or uninstalled? What searches were carried out and what modifications were made? Was an attempt made to access passwords or bank details? ✔ Recover formatted hard disks - files can still be recovered after normal formatting. Secuperts forensic system the analysis tool for your computer and network Examples of typical applications • Do you suspect that spyware has been planted on your machine? • Could a third party have accessed your PC e.

G. In your hotel room? • what data does your smart tv upload to the internet? • do you have devices that are not secure on your own network? Get wise to what data thieves are up to by using SecuPerts Forensic System! ✔ Expose spyware - find out where the infection path is on your computer to remove vulnerabilities.

Find security bugs in your network - unfortunately, new security updates are only seldom provided for devices such as webcams or wireless access points, which means that the whole network is not secure. Forensic system's network tools detect devices that are not secure and test their vulnerability. Monitor the activities of smart TVs and other devices - new television sets offer users a host of benefits via the connected Internet services.

Find out what your smart TV transfers to the Internet and stop it by setting up a router. Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / vista / xp both 32- and 64-bit. Recovers data from formatted hard disks.

SecuPerts Anti-Spy

Analyze your surfing patterns. This explains all the prying functions. Anti-spy comes with clear manual to help you with your decisions. Do you like personalized advertising or getting help from Cortana? Then you can check all the settings individually and only deactivate the ones that really worry you. Stop the prying default settings in windows 10 Anti-Spy for Windows 10 allows you to disable over 70 spy functions in the Windows operating system.

Wherever microsoft has hidden its default spy settings: Anti-Spy helps you decide for yourself which data is sent to Microsoft servers and which is not. Stops the forwarding of your Wi-Fi access data and location data. The software allows you to deactivate over 80 default prying functions - or you can list them clearly in Anti-Spy and decide for yourself.

How windows 10 spies on you: a couple of examples By default, you have allowed Windows 10 to: • Send your personal data to Microsoft Servers. Over 80 worrying spy settings in windows 10, browsers Edge and Explorer, Windows Media Player and Network Services are clearly listed by categories. Just one click puts an end to the spying.

Show you personalized advertising. Suppresses update upload from you for others. But the best bit is that using Anti-Spy for Windows 10 puts an end to all this.

MovieJack | Video Downloader for YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and others | 12 months free updates

Including a clear and detailed manual. Moviejack - your video downloader download videos from the internet with just a single click and save them immediately in the format you want - as simple as you like with MovieJack ✔ Download videos - from portals like YouTube, Dailymotion, Clipfish, Vimeo, Vevo, and from supported media libraries ✔ Save music videos as MP3 files - download your favorite songs individually or as complete playlists, and listen to them all the time ✔ No adverts - adverts are removed from the start of the video automatically ✔ Top quality - download the best available quality automatically.

Stops the forwarding of your Wi-Fi access data and location data. Supports portals like YouTube, Vevo, Clipfish, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Windows 10 / windows 8 / windows 7 - including download version for PCs without a CD drive. Save music videos as MP3 files. In hd or even 4k ✔ parallel download - download several videos in parallel and use the full bandwidth Facts & Figures Languages available: German, Hungarian, French, English, Italian, Polish, Japanese 12 months of updates included Download version included for PCs without a CD drive Protects against Windows 10's thirst for data.

Best quality guaranteed - in HD or even 4K. Just download videos and music and save them in the right format straight away. Suppresses update upload from you for others.