What’s Wrong with China

This book will be hated by the commissars, because it is a triumph of analysis and good sense. Paul theroux i sure wish i’d read this book before heading to China―or Chinatown, for that matter. China runs on an entirely different operating system―both commercial and personal. What’s wrong with china is the most cogent, insightful and penetrating examination I have read on the paradoxes and self-deceptions of Modern China, written by someone who has lived in the country and dealt with it day to day for decades.

Midler’s clear, clever analysis and illuminating, often hilarious tales foster not only understanding but respect. Mary roach from the back cover what’s wrong with china is the widely anticipated follow-up to Paul Midler’s Poorly Made in China, an exposé of China manufacturing practices. Once again, midler delivers the goods by rejecting commonly held notions, breaking down old myths, and providing fresh explanations of lesser-understood cultural phenomena.

Applying a wider lens in this account, he reveals many of the deep problems affecting Chinese society as a whole. Wiley.

Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the China Production Game

U. S. This is a lively and impassioned personal account, a collection of true stories, told by an American who has worked in the country for close to two decades. Importers don’t stand a chance, midler explains, against savvy Chinese suppliers who feel they have little to lose by placing consumer safety at risk for the sake of greater profit.

Poorly made in china touches on a number of issues that affect us all. John Wiley Sons. An insider reveals what can―and does―go wrong when companies shift production to China In this entertaining behind-the-scenes account, Paul Midler tells us all that is wrong with our effort to shift manufacturing to China.

Now updated and expanded, poorly made in china reveals industry secrets, including the dangerous practice of quality fade―the deliberate and secret habit of Chinese manufacturers to widen profit margins through the reduction of quality inputs.

Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future

Egalitarian individualism ushered in the modern world but may well carry the seeds of its own destruction. However, beginning in the seventeenth century and gradually becoming dominant was a new culture labeled "egalitarian individualism" which was influenced by preexisting egalitarian tendencies of northwest Europeans.

John Wiley Sons. The prehistoric invasion of the indo-europeans had a transformative influence on Western Europe, inaugurating a prolonged period of what is labeled "aristocratic individualism" resulting form variants of Indo-European genetic and cultural influence. Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition argues that ethnic influences are important for understanding the West.


The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State

In so doing, as well as the low-profile foreign policy, the Chinese leadership is reversing the trends toward greater political and economic opening, that had been put in motion by Deng Xiaoping's "Second Revolution" thirty years earlier. She also assesses their implications for the rest of the world, and provides recommendations for how the United States and others should navigate their relationship with this vast nation in the coming years.

Chinese leader xi jinping has unleashed a powerful set of political and economic reforms: the centralization of power under Xi, himself, the expansion of the Communist Party's role in Chinese political, social, and economic life, and the construction of a virtual wall of regulations to control more closely the exchange of ideas and capital between China and the outside world.

Through a wide-ranging exploration of xi jinping's top political, enhancing air quality, improving the country's innovation capacity, and elevating China's presence on the global stage-Economy identifies the tensions, shortcomings, reforming the state-owned enterprise sector, managing the Internet, economic and foreign policy priorities-fighting corruption, and successes of Xi's reform efforts over the course of his first five years in office.

In the third revolution, eminent China scholar Elizabeth C. John Wiley Sons. Beyond its borders, beijing has recast itself as a great power, seeking to reclaim its past glory and to create a system of international norms that better serves its more ambitious geostrategic objectives. Economy provides an incisive look at the transformative changes underway in China today.

Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World

Zak dychtwald was twenty when he first landed in China. Starr senior fellow and director for asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations: "An engaging read for anyone looking for an introduction to contemporary Chinese culture and society. The author, who is fluent in chinese, in his twenties, examines the future of China through the lens of the Jiu Ling Hou―the generation born after 1990.

A close up look at the chinese generation born after 1990 exploring through personal encounters how young Chinese feel about everything from money and sex, the West, to their government, and China’s shifting role in the world--not to mention their love affair with food, karaoke, and travel. A remarkably revealing portrait of China's youngest generations.

Randall stross, author of bulls in the china Shop and Other Sino-American Business Encounters: "A rarity among books about China: Young China is a fun read. Elizabeth Economy, C. V. He spent years deeply immersed in the culture, learning the language and hanging out with his peers, in apartment shares and hostels, on long train rides and over endless restaurant meals.

The wall street Journal: "Engrossing. Dychtwaldwrites with an infectious energy.

This Vast Southern Empire: Slaveholders at the Helm of American Foreign Policy

As presidents, and diplomats, cabinet officers, slaveholding leaders controlled the main levers of foreign policy inside an increasingly powerful American state. Bernath book prize, society for Historians of American Foreign RelationsWinner of the James H. Broussard best first book prize, lapidus center for the historical analysis of transatlantic slaverywhen the United States emerged as a world power in the years before the Civil War, Society for Historians of the Early American RepublicWinner of the North Jersey Civil War Round Table Book AwardFinalist for the Harriet Tubman Prize, the men who presided over the nation’s triumphant territorial and economic expansion were largely southern slaveholders.

Winner of the John H. Dunning prize, american Historical AssociationWinner of the Stuart L. With this vast southern empire, Matthew Karp recovers that forgotten history and presents it in fascinating and often surprising detail. Fergus bordewich, wall street journal“matthew karp’s illuminating book This Vast Southern Empire shows that the South was interested not only in gaining new slave territory but also in promoting slavery throughout the Western Hemisphere.

David S. This vast southern empire explores the international vision and strategic operations of these southerners at the commanding heights of American politics. At the close of the civil war, more than Southern independence and the bones of the dead lay amid the smoking ruins of the Confederacy.

42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China 2nd Edition: A Practical Handbook for Doing Business in China, Special Economic Zones, Factory Tours and Manufacturing Quality

Doing business in China is tougher than you think. These executives offer their personal experiences and recommendations about sourcing and manufacturing in China. 42 rules for sourcing and manufacturing in China 2nd Edition' is a pragmatic approach that every businessperson headed to China must read. For business people who are experienced in doing business in China, or for first-time visitors, this book will provide valuable insights from real executives and experts.

. Not only is the culture vastly different, but China’s experience in manufacturing is still developing. In the meantime, quality, contract laws, schedules and logistics must be closely monitored. The best way to quickly come up to speed on these differences and how to handle them is to learn from the experience of others.

Through over 20 extraordinary executive interviews, Rosemary Coates captured the essence of sourcing and manufacturing in China. As a result, the things westerners must do to be successful are far different from dealing with American or European manufacturers. Her own personal experiences in China are interwoven into this book.

Going beyond simple cultural do’s and don’ts, much of it spent living and working across Asia, you will discover:how business is really donehow you can make things happen in Chinathe mistake westerners often make, and how to avoid themwhat made these executives successfulBased on her 25 years of supply chain experience, Rosemary Coates has become an expert on doing business in China.

It will be a few years before the majority of manufacturers are up to world standards.

Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the Tactics Behind China's Production Game

Working in the heart of china's export hub, in the country's southern region, he has the advantage of a front-row seat to the no-holds-barred games played between manufacturers and importers. Praise for poorly made in china "This fast-paced travelogue through the world of Chinese manufacturing is scary, fascinating, and very funny.

Midler is not only a knowledgeable guide to the invisible underbelly of the global economy, he is a sympathetic and astute observer of China, its challenges, and its people. Midler delivers a revealing and often funny tale of life and commerce in a country whose exports touch nearly everyone on the planet.

Sara bongiorni, author of A Year Without 'Made in China' John Wiley Sons. A great read. Pietra rivoli, author of the travels of a t-shirt in the Global Economy "Paul Midler takes us for a ride through the fastest-growing economy in the world, revealing what can—and sometimes does—go wrong when U. S. Companies shift production to China.

He introduces us to a cast of real-life characters and tells his story with a mix of affection and skepticism for what is taking place in China today.

Hundred-Year Marathon

Michael pillsbury, a fluent Mandarin speaker who has served in senior national security positions in the U. S. Saint martin s Press Inc. John Wiley Sons. He offers an inside look at how the Chinese really view America and its leaders – as barbarians who will be the architects of their own demise. Pillsbury also explains how the U.

S. But what if the "china dream" is to replace us, the hundred-year marathon reveals china's secret strategy to supplant the United States as the world's dominant power, just as America replaced the British Empire, and to do so by 2049, without firing a shot?Based on interviews with Chinese defectors and newly declassified, previously undisclosed national security documents, the one-hundredth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic.

. Government has helped – sometimes unwittingly and sometimes deliberately – to make this "China Dream" come true, more competitive strategy toward China as it really is, and he calls for the United States to implement a new, and not as we might wish it to be. The hundred-year marathon is a wake-up call as we face the greatest national security challenge of the twenty-first century.

Government since the days of richard nixon and henry kissinger, speeches, draws on his decades of contact with the "hawks" in China's military and intelligence agencies and translates their documents, and books to show how the teachings of traditional Chinese statecraft underpin their actions. Government's leading china experts reveals the hidden strategy fueling that country's rise – and how Americans have been seduced into helping China overtake us as the world's leading superpower.

For more than forty years, the united states has played an indispensable role helping the Chinese government build a booming economy, develop its scientific and military capabilities, and take its place on the world stage, diplomacy, in the belief that China's rise will bring us cooperation, and free trade.

The China Questions: Critical Insights into a Rising Power

The questions addressed in this unique volume provide a window onto the challenges China faces today and the uncertainties its meteoric ascent on the global horizon has provoked. In only a few decades, the most populous country on Earth has moved from relative isolation to center stage. Saint martin s Press Inc.

. They distill a lifetime of cutting-edge scholarship into short, society, history, culture, environment, accessible essays about Chinese identity, or policy. Can china’s economic growth continue apace? can china embrace the sacrifices required for a clean environment? Will Taiwan reunite with the mainland? How do the Chinese people understand their position in today’s global marketplace? How do historical setbacks and traditional values inform China’s domestic and foreign policy? Some of the essays address issues of importance to China internally, revolving around the Communist Party’s legitimacy, the end of the one-child policy, and ethnic tensions.

John Wiley Sons. Others focus on china’s relationship with other nations, particularly the United States. Thirty-six of the world’s leading china experts―all affiliates of the renowned Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University―answer key questions about where this new superpower is headed and what makes its people and their leaders tick.

Many books offer information about China, but few make sense of what is truly at stake. The china questions takes us behind media images and popular perceptions to provide insight on fundamental issues. If america pulls back from its asian commitments, how will China assert its growing strength in the Pacific region?China has already captured the world’s attention.

Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days

They're often too embarrassed to admit they're confused. They turned a series of project spreadsheets and installation manuals into a beautiful puzzle customers could assemble after completing each milestone. Award-winning speaker and business consultant Joey Coleman teaches audiences and companies all over the world how to turn a one-time purchaser into a lifelong customer.

Coleman's theory of building customer loyalty isn't about focusing on marketing or closing the sale: It's about the First 100 Days® after the sale and the interactions the customer experiences. He identifies eight distinct emotional phases customers go through in the 100 days following a purchase. In the "adopt" stage, customers should be welcomed to the highest tier of tribal membership with both public and private recognitions.

That's how elite entrepreneurial event MastermindTalks continues to sell-out their conference year after year - with zero dollars spent on marketing. Drawing on nearly two decades of consulting and keynoting, Coleman provides strategies and systems to increase customer loyalty. John Wiley Sons. While new customers experience joy, these feelings quickly shift to fear, euphoria, doubt, and excitement, and uncertainty as buyer's remorse sets in.

Across all industries, somewhere between 20%-70% of newly acquired customers will stop doing business with a company with the first 100 days of being a new customer because they feel neglected in the early stages of customer onboarding.